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MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® Office SharePoint®

Book Description

Demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with a MOS certification. Use this Study Guide and downloadable practice files to help advance your proficiency with SharePoint and earn the credential that proves it.

Table of Contents

  1. MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® SharePoint®
  2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  3. Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam
    1. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
    2. Selecting a Certification Path
    3. Test-Taking Tips
    4. Certification Benefits
    5. For More Information
  4. Using This Book to Study for a Certification Exam
    1. Features and Conventions of This Book
  5. Using the Book’s Companion Content
  6. Modifying the Display of the Ribbon
  7. How to Get Support and Provide Feedback
    1. Errata & Book Support
    2. We Want to Hear from You
    3. Stay in Touch
  8. 1. Exam 77-886 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Specialist
    1. 1. Creating and Formatting Content
      1. 1.1 Navigate the SharePoint Hierarchy
        1. Using the Quick Launch Bar
        2. Adding Content to the Quick Launch Bar
        3. Using All Site Content
        4. Using the SharePoint Breadcrumb Trails Feature
      2. 1.2 Manage Lists and Document Libraries
        1. Creating Lists and Libraries
        2. Editing List and Document Library Properties
          1. Viewing Formats Using the Standard and Datasheet View
          2. Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Views
          3. Creating Columns
      3. 1.3 Manage List Items
        1. Creating Items
        2. Editing Item Properties
        3. Using the Inline Editing Feature
        4. Deleting Items
          1. Delete a Single File or List Item Using the Delete Button
          2. Delete a Single File or List Item by Using the Drop-Down Menu
          3. Delete Several Files or Items by Using the Delete Button
          4. Delete Several Files or List Items by Using Datasheet View
          5. Delete Files in a Document Library by Using the Open With Explorer Option
        5. Enabling Version Control
        6. Managing Workflows
        7. Uploading Documents
        8. Creating and Saving Documents
      4. 1.4 Work with Document Sets
        1. Defining the Document Set Content Type and Creating a Document Set
        2. Adding Documents to a Document Set
          1. About Setting Document Set Versioning
      5. Objective Review
    2. 2. Managing SharePoint Sites
      1. 2.1 Manage Pages
        1. Creating a SharePoint Page
        2. Editing Pages
        3. Deleting Pages
      2. 2.2 Administer Sites
        1. Creating and Configuring a SharePoint Site
        2. Organizing Site Content
        3. Using the Content Organizer
        4. Viewing User Alerts
        5. Modifying Site Appearance
          1. Using a SharePoint Tree View
          2. Applying a SharePoint Site Theme
        6. Recovering Data
      3. 2.3 Manage Web Parts on a Page
        1. Creating a Web Part Page
        2. Adding and Configuring a Web Part
        3. Hiding and Removing a Web Part
        4. Export and Import a Web Part
      4. 2.4 Manage Content Types
        1. Assigning Content Type Management
        2. Assigning a Content Type to a Document Library or List
        3. Adding a Column to a Content Type
      5. 2.5 Manage Users and Groups
        1. Defining User and Group Accounts
        2. Setting User and Group Permissions
      6. 2.6 Create SharePoint Workspace Sites
        1. Setting Up and Using a Document Workspace
        2. Setting Up and Using a Meeting Workspace
      7. 2.7 Analyze Site Activity
      8. Objective Review
    3. 3. Participating in User Communities
      1. 3.1 Configure My Site
        1. Setting Up My Site
        2. Setting Up RSS Feeds
        3. Configuring Profiles
      2. 3.2 Collaborate Through My Site
        1. Updating the Profile Status
        2. Sharing Pictures and Documents in My Site
        3. Managing Personal Documents
        4. Browsing the Organization Hierarchy
        5. Adding Web Parts to My Site
      3. 3.3 Tag and Note Content
        1. Adding Notes on the Note Board for a List or Library
        2. Adding Tags for a List or Library
        3. Rating an Item
        4. Using and Reviewing Tags and Tag Clouds
      4. Objective Review
    4. 4. Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results
      1. 4.1 Administer Search at the Site Level
        1. Setting Up Columns to Be Searched
        2. Searching in a List
        3. Configuring Site Search Visibility
      2. 4.2 Search SharePoint for Content
        1. Searching SharePoint Content with Windows
        2. Searching SharePoint Content from Office 2010
      3. 4.3 View Search Results
        1. Browsing Search Results
        2. Using Best Bet Results
        3. Using the Refinement Panel
        4. Using Alerts and RSS Feeds
        5. Viewing Document Previews
      4. 4.4 Perform Advanced Searches
        1. Setting Up and Running an Advanced Search
      5. 4.5 Search for People
        1. Searching for People
        2. Using Advanced Search Features for People
      6. Objective Review
    5. 5. Integrating SharePoint 2010 Services and Microsoft Office 2010 Applications
      1. 5.1 Configure SharePoint 2010 Services
        1. Understanding SharePoint Services
          1. Visio Services
          2. Access Services
          3. Excel Services
        2. Configuring SharePoint 2010 Services for Excel, Access, and Visio
          1. Publishing a Workbook to Excel Services
          2. Adding an Access Database to a SharePoint Site
          3. Publishing a Visio Diagram to SharePoint
          4. Configuring Form Services
      2. 5.2 Run Microsoft Office 2010 Applications with SharePoint 2010 Services
        1. Using Microsoft Outlook with SharePoint
          1. Document Libraries
          2. Contact Lists
          3. Task Lists
        2. Working with SharePoint Workspace 2010
          1. Understanding Navigation and Layout of a SharePoint 2010 Workspace
          2. Go Offline, Go Online, and Synchronize the SharePoint 2010 Workspace with SharePoint
        3. Using Office Web Apps
      3. 5.3 Create Dashboards
        1. Creating a Dashboard Page
        2. Adding and Configuring Web Parts for Your Dashboard
      4. Objective Review
  9. About the Author
  10. Copyright