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MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® Word

Book Description

Demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft Word 2010 with a MOS certification. Use this Study Guide and downloadable practice files to help advance your proficiency with Word and earn the credential that proves it.

Table of Contents

  1. MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® Word
  2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  3. Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam
    1. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
    2. Selecting a Certification Path
    3. Test-Taking Tips
    4. Certification Benefits
    5. For More Information
  4. Using This Book to Study for a Certification Exam
    1. Features and Conventions of This Book
  5. Using the Book’s Companion Content
    1. Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010
  6. Modifying the Display of the Ribbon
    1. Dynamic Ribbon Elements
    2. Changing the Width of the Ribbon
    3. Adapting Procedure Steps
  7. Getting Support and Giving Feedback
    1. Errata
    2. Getting Help with Microsoft Office 2010
    3. We Want to Hear from You
    4. Stay in Touch
  8. Exam 77-881 Microsoft Word 2010
    1. Prerequisites
      1. Selecting Text
      2. Moving Around in a Document
  9. 1. Sharing and Maintaining Documents
    1. Apply Different Views to a Document
      1. Switching Views
        1. Working in Print Layout View
        2. Working in Full Screen Reading View
        3. Working in Web Layout View
        4. Working in Outline View
        5. Working in Draft View
      2. Modifying the Program Window
      3. Magnifying Document Content
      4. Splitting a Document Window
      5. Displaying Multiple Program Windows
    2. Apply Protection to a Document
      1. Marking a Document as Final
      2. Restricting Formatting and Editing Changes
      3. Restricting Document Access
    3. Manage Document Versions
    4. Share Documents
      1. Sending Documents
      2. Saving Documents in Shared Locations
      3. Publishing Documents as Blog Posts
    5. Save a Document
    6. Apply a Template to a Document
    7. Objective Review
  10. 2. Formatting Content
    1. Apply Font and Paragraph Attributes
      1. Applying Character Formatting
      2. Applying Styles
    2. Navigate and Search Through a Document
      1. Moving Around in a Document
      2. Searching for Content and Formatting
    3. Apply Indentation and Tab Settings to Paragraphs
      1. Indenting Paragraphs
      2. Setting Tab Stops
    4. Apply Spacing Settings to Text and Paragraphs
    5. Create Tables
      1. Creating Basic Tables
      2. Formatting Tables
      3. Inserting Preformatted Tables
    6. Manipulate Tables in a Document
      1. Modifying Table Data
      2. Modifying Table Structure
    7. Apply Bullets to a Document
    8. Objective Review
  11. 3. Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content
    1. Apply and Manipulate Page Setup Settings
      1. Controlling Page Settings
      2. Setting Page Breaks
      3. Setting Section Breaks
      4. Flowing Text in Columns
    2. Apply Themes
    3. Construct Content in a Document by Using the Quick Parts Tool
    4. Create and Manipulate Page Backgrounds
    5. Create and Modify Headers and Footers
    6. Objective Review
  12. 4. Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document
    1. Insert and Format Pictures in a Document
      1. Inserting Pictures
      2. Formatting Pictures
    2. Insert and Format Shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt
      1. Inserting and Formatting Shapes
      2. Inserting and Modifying WordArt
      3. Inserting and Modifying SmartArt Diagrams
    3. Insert and Format Clip Art
    4. Apply and Manipulate Text Boxes
    5. Objective Review
  13. 5. Proofreading Documents
    1. Validate Content by Using Spelling and Grammar Checking Options
    2. Configure AutoCorrect Settings
    3. Insert and Modify Comments in a Document
    4. Objective Review
  14. 6. Applying References and Hyperlinks
    1. Apply a Hyperlink
      1. Inserting Hyperlinks
      2. Inserting Bookmarks
    2. Create Endnotes and Footnotes
    3. Create a Table of Contents
    4. Objective Review
  15. 7. Performing Mail Merge Operations
    1. Set Up Mail Merge
      1. Preparing Source Documents
        1. Preparing a Data Source
        2. Preparing a Main Document
      2. Merging Source Documents
        1. Setting Up a Manual Mail Merge
        2. Setting Up a Mail Merge by Using the Mail Merge Wizard
      3. Checking for Errors
    2. Execute Mail Merge
      1. Previewing the Results of a Mail Merge Operation
      2. Completing the Mail Merge Operation
    3. Objective Review
  16. A. About the Authors
    1. Joan Lambert
    2. Joyce Cox
    3. The Team
    4. Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI)
  17. About the Authors
  18. Copyright