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Book Description

“MongoDB and Python” is a cookbook-style text to help Python programmers work with MongoDB. It is full of useful, practical recipes for solving real-world problems ranging from how to do fast geo queries for location-based apps to efficiently indexing your user documents for social-graph lookups to how best to integrate MongoDB with the Pyramid Web framework.

Table of Contents

  1. MongoDB and Python
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    2. Preface
      1. Conventions Used in This Book
      2. Using Code Examples
      3. Safari® Books Online
      4. How to Contact Us
      5. Acknowledgments
    3. 1. Getting Started
      1. Introduction
      2. Finding Reference Documentation
      3. Installing MongoDB
      4. Running MongoDB
      5. Setting up a Python Environment with MongoDB
    4. 2. Reading and Writing to MongoDB with Python
      1. Connecting to MongoDB with Python
      2. Getting a Database Handle
      3. Inserting a Document into a Collection
      4. Write to a Collection Safely and Synchronously
      5. Guaranteeing Writes to Multiple Database Nodes
      6. Introduction to MongoDB Query Language
      7. Reading, Counting, and Sorting Documents in a Collection
      8. Updating Documents in a Collection
      9. Deleting Documents from a Collection
      10. MongoDB Query Operators
      11. MongoDB Update Modifiers
    5. 3. Common MongoDB and Python Patterns
      1. A Uniquely Document-Oriented Pattern: Embedding
      2. Fast Lookups: Using Indexes with MongoDB
      3. Location-based Apps with MongoDB: GeoSpatial Indexing
      4. Code Defensively to Avoid KeyErrors and Other Bugs
      5. Update-or-Insert: Upserts in MongoDB
      6. Atomic Read-Write-Modify: MongoDB’s findAndModify
      7. Fast Accounting Pattern
    6. 4. MongoDB with Web Frameworks
      1. Pylons 1.x and MongoDB
      2. Pyramid and MongoDB
      3. Django and MongoDB
      4. Going Further
    7. About the Author
    8. Colophon
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