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Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design

Video Description

Based on his highly acclaimed JavaScript book, Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design (ISBN: 9780132905848), bestselling author Larry Ullman walks viewers through several key JavaScript concepts. A far cry from its original uses, JavaScript today is a vastly different language, primarily because of how its being used, due to Ajax, more consistent browser support, and the rise of frameworks. Larry Ullman teaches the language itself, as it is used today, without all the deadwood thats long since been left behind (and thankfully so). This companion video illustrates modern JavaScripts best practices, embracing key Web development approaches such as progressive enhancement. In his video, Ullman candidly discusses three common approaches to integrating JavaScript into Web pages; understanding relative versus absolute paths; new HTML5 form elements; debugging JavaScript; Ajax fundamentals, DataTables and jQuery; Yahoo! Query Language (YQL); and using JavaScript and PHP together.