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Microsoft® Office XP Plain & Simple

Book Description

Get the fast facts that make learning Microsoftâ Office XP plain and simple. Easy numbered steps and screen shots show exactly what to do—in full color!

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft® Office XP Plain & Simple: Your fast-answers, no-jargon guide to Office XP!
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    2. Acknowledgments
      1. Contributing writers
      2. Editors
      3. Production
      4. Indexer
      5. Microsoft Press
    3. 1. About This Book
      1. No Computerese!
        1. Useful Tasks...
        2. ...And the Easiest Way to Do Them
      2. A Quick Overview
      3. A Few Assumptions
      4. A Final Word (or Two)
    4. 2. Jumping Into Microsoft Office
      1. Starting an Office Program
        1. Open a Program Using the Start Menu
        2. Open a Program Using the Office Shortcut Bar
        3. Display the Office Shortcut Bar on Windows Startup
        4. Personalize the Office Shortcut Bar
      2. Opening an Existing File
        1. Open a File
      3. New Feature: Finding a File or Text in a File
        1. Search for a File or Text in a File
      4. Working with Documents in More Than One Program
        1. View Documents from More Than One Program at a Time
        2. Switch Between Open Programs or Documents
        3. Return to a Single Window
      5. New Feature: Editing More Than One Document at a Time
        1. Move or Copy Items to Another File or Program
        2. Open the Clipboard
      6. Saving or Deleting a File
        1. Save a File for the First Time
        2. Save a File Again
        3. Save a File with a Different Name, in a New Folder, or in Another Format
        4. Delete a File from Within Office
      7. Printing in Office
        1. Print a File Quickly
        2. Print a File and Specify Your Options
      8. Closing Files and Quitting Office
        1. Close a File
        2. Quit an Office Program
      9. Getting Help
        1. New Feature: Ask a Question
        2. Use ScreenTips for a Bit of Information
        3. Getting Information About Dialog Box Options
        4. Use ScreenTips for Detailed Information
      10. Working Efficiently Using Toolbars and Task Panes
        1. Display or Hide a Toolbar
        2. Put a Toolbar in Its Place
        3. New Feature: Open Task Panes and Switch Between Them
      11. Working Smart
      12. Common Office XP Tasks and Where to Learn About Them
      13. New Feature: Recovering Files
        1. Recover a File
      14. Repairing Office Programs
        1. Repair Problems in an Office Program
    5. 3. Enhancing Documents
      1. Adding Pictures to Your Documents
        1. Insert a Picture File Stored on Your Computer
        2. Add a Picture from a Scanner or Digital Camera
      2. Adding Clip Art and Other Types of Media
        1. New Feature: Find and Insert Clip Art
        2. Insert a Sound or Video File
      3. Changing the Size, Placement, and Content of Pictures
        1. Move a Picture
        2. Resize a Picture
        3. Crop a Picture
      4. Enhancing Pictures with Colors and Borders
        1. Add a Border to a Picture
        2. Change the Background Color of Clip Art
      5. Adding and Modifying WordArt
        1. Insert a WordArt Object
        2. Change the Style of a WordArt Object
    6. 4. Creating, Editing, and Printing a Word Document
      1. Starting a Word Document
        1. Start a Document from a Template
        2. Start a Document Using a Wizard
        3. Start a Blank Document
      2. Selecting Text
      3. Moving and Copying Text
        1. Move or Copy a Block of Text a Short Distance
        2. Move or Copy a Block of Text to Another Page
      4. Using Automatic Text
        1. Create Your Own Automatic Text
        2. Insert Your Own Automatic Text
        3. Insert AutoText from Word’s Library
      5. Inserting Special Characters and the Date and Time
        1. Add a Special Character or Symbol
        2. Add the Date and Time
      6. Correcting Typos and Spelling Automatically
        1. Adjust Automatic Corrections as You Type
        2. Correct Spelling as You Type
        3. Add Words to the List of Automatic Corrections
      7. Finding and Replacing Text
        1. Find Text
        2. Replace Text
        3. Undo All the Replacements Just Made
      8. Using Word’s Thesaurus
        1. Find a Synonym Quickly
        2. Explore Synonyms
      9. Inserting New Pages
        1. Insert a Manual Page Break
        2. Remove a Manual Page Break
        3. Jump to a Page
      10. Adding and Removing Page Numbers
        1. Number Every Page
        2. Remove Page Numbers
      11. Setting Up Pages
        1. Adjust Margins
        2. Set Page Orientation
        3. Set Paper Size
      12. Addressing and Printing Envelopes and Label Sheets
        1. Address and Print a Single Envelope
        2. Print a Sheet of Labels with Identical Text
        3. Print an Envelope You’ve Already Addressed
      13. Viewing a Document
        1. Work in Normal View
        2. Work in Print Layout View
        3. Preview a Document for Printing
      14. Printing from Word
        1. Print a Word Document
    7. 5. Formatting a Word Document
      1. Changing Font and Size, Italics, Color, and Other Effects
        1. Set Character Formats
      2. New Feature: Setting the Space Between Lines and Paragraphs
        1. Set Line Spacing
        2. Set Paragraph Spacing
      3. Aligning and Indenting Text
        1. Center, Justify, Left-align, and Right-align Text
        2. Indent Text
        3. Create Different Levels in a List
      4. Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
        1. Make a Numbered List
        2. Make a Bulleted List
      5. Controlling Text Placement with Tabs
        1. Position Text using Tabs
        2. Delete a Tab Stop
      6. Arranging Text in Newspaper-style Columns
        1. New Feature: Lay Out Text in Columns
        2. New Feature: Create a Banner Heading
        3. Create Uneven Columns
        4. Force a Column Break
      7. Adding Shading, Borders, and Other Special Effects
        1. Add a Drop Cap
        2. Remove a Drop Cap
        3. Add a Border, Shaded Background, or Line to a Paragraph
      8. What’s a Style?
        1. Discover What’s in a Style
      9. Applying a Style
        1. Apply Formats as You Go
        2. New Feature: Apply an Existing Style
      10. Reusing Formats with Styles
        1. Create a New Style
        2. New Feature: Delete a Style
        3. Change a Style
      11. Finding and Replacing Formatting
        1. Find and Replace Formatting
    8. 6. Building Complex Documents Using Word
      1. Creating a Table
        1. Start a Table
        2. Convert Text with Items Separated by Tab Stops to a Table
        3. Delete a Table
      2. Adding, Deleting, and Moving Table Rows and Columns
        1. Insert Blank Rows or Columns
        2. Delete Rows and Columns
        3. Move Rows and Columns
      3. Adjusting Table Cells, Rows, and Columns
        1. Split Cells
        2. Display the Tables And Borders Toolbar
        3. Merge Cells
        4. Adjust the Width of a Column
      4. Formatting and Positioning Tables
        1. Change the Look of a Table Using Built-In Formats
        2. Align Text Within Cells
        3. Move or Resize a Table
      5. Creating a Document with More Than One Section
        1. Create a New Section in a Document
        2. Remove a Section Break
        3. Set Margins and Page Orientation for a Section
      6. Repeating Text and Pictures on Every Page
        1. Add a Header or Footer
        2. Remove a Header or Footer
      7. Working on Two Parts of the Same Document
        1. View Two Parts of One Document Simultaneously
      8. Working with Templates
        1. Save a Document as a Template
        2. Switch Templates in a Document
      9. Inserting a Table of Contents
        1. Generate a Table of Contents
        2. Update the Table of Contents
      10. Automating Mailings
      11. New Feature: Creating and Printing Labels for a Mass Mailing
        1. Generate Mailing Labels
      12. New Feature: Translating Text
        1. Translate a Word
    9. 7. Creating an Excel Worksheet
      1. Getting Started with Excel
        1. Open a New or Existing Workbook
        2. Enter a Value or Text
        3. Edit a Cell
      2. Working with Cells and Ranges
        1. Select a Cell
        2. Select a Range
        3. Select Entire Rows or Columns
        4. Select Nonadjacent Worksheet Areas
      3. Inserting, Deleting, and Moving Areas of a Worksheet
        1. Insert or Delete a Column or Row
        2. Delete a Cell or Range
        3. Insert a Cell or Range
        4. Move a Cell or Range
      4. Formatting Text and Numbers
        1. Change Font or Font Appearance
        2. Add Comma, Percentage, Currency, or Decimal Formatting to Numbers
        3. Apply Numeric Formats
      5. Adjusting the Way Text Is Displayed
        1. Align Text
        2. Customize Text Placement Within a Cell
        3. Adjust Column Width or Row Height
      6. Adding Colors and Patterns to Cells
        1. Add Color to a Cell or Range
        2. Add a Pattern to a Cell or Range
      7. Adding Borders to Cells
        1. Add a Custom Border to Part of a Worksheet
      8. Copying a Table from the Web to Excel
        1. Copy and Paste a Table from the Web into a Worksheet
      9. Using Templates to Create Workbooks
        1. Start a Document from an Excel Template
        2. Create a Template from an Existing Workbook
      10. Naming, Adding, and Moving Worksheets
        1. Rename a Worksheet
        2. Insert a New Worksheet
        3. Move a Worksheet
      11. Printing from Excel
        1. Set a Print Area
        2. Format a Print Area
        3. Print a Worksheet
      12. Previewing and Moving Page Breaks Before Printing
        1. Preview and Move a Page Break
    10. 8. Working Efficiently with Data and Calculations
      1. Using Formulas to Work with Your Data
        1. Create a Formula
      2. Simplifying Calculations Using Functions
        1. New Feature: Use Common Functions in a Worksheet
        2. New Feature: Use Specialized Functions to Analyze Data
      3. Copying Formulas
        1. Reuse a Formula by Copying It
      4. Using Relative and Absolute Cell References
        1. Relative Cell References
        2. Absolute Cell References
      5. Switching Between Relative and Absolute References
        1. Change a Relative Reference to an Absolute Reference
      6. Using Data from Different Workbooks
        1. Link a Cell to a Different Workbook
      7. Entering Data Automatically
        1. New Feature: Fill In Repeated or Sequential Data
      8. Naming Cells and Ranges
        1. Assign a Name to a Cell or Range
      9. Tracking and Correcting Errors in a Worksheet
        1. New Feature: Review and Correct Errors Identified by Excel
        2. New Feature: Review a Cell Formula Using Audit Tools
      10. Working with Large Workbooks
        1. Freeze a Worksheet’s Rows and Columns
        2. Arrange Several Workbooks on the Screen
      11. Adding Notes to a Worksheet Using Comments
        1. Add Comments to a Cell
    11. 9. Charting and Analyzing Data
      1. Showing Data in a Chart
        1. Create a Basic Excel Chart
      2. Working Efficiently with Charts
        1. Organize the Worksheet
        2. Edit with Colored Outlines
      3. Adding Text or Special Formats to Charts
        1. Modify Elements that Apply to the Entire Chart
        2. Modify Text or Appearance for a Data Series
      4. Modifying Data in a Chart
        1. Add Data to an Existing Chart
        2. Remove a Data Series from a Chart
      5. Creating Excel Lists: Why and How
      6. Sorting and Filtering Data in a List
        1. Sort an Excel List
        2. Filter an Excel List
      7. Creating Subtotals and Other Information for Groups of Numbers
        1. Analyze Sorted Data
    12. 10. Using Outlook for E-Mail
      1. New Feature: Setting Up an E-Mail Account for the First Time
        1. New Feature: Setting Up an E-Mail Account for the First Time
      2. Composing and Sending an E-Mail Message
        1. Write an E-Mail Message, Send It Now
        2. New Feature: Get Help Entering Names
        3. Write an E-Mail Message, Send It Later
      3. Checking E-Mail and Responding to Messages
        1. Set Up Your View of the Inbox
        2. Read and Reply to E-Mail
      4. Sending and Receiving E-Mail Attachments
        1. Attach a File to an E-Mail Message
        2. Open an Attached File
      5. Creating an E-Mail Signature
        1. Create a Personal Signature
        2. Add Your Signature as You Go
      6. Organizing E-Mail Messages
        1. Create a Folder
        2. New Feature: Find a Message
        3. Move Messages to Another Folder
      7. Managing Your Mailbox Size
        1. Temporarily Delete a Message or Folder
        2. Delete a Message or Folder Permanently
        3. New Feature: Clean Up Your Mailbox
      8. Subduing Junk E-Mail
        1. Manage Junk E-Mail
    13. 11. Scheduling with Outlook
      1. Scheduling Appointments, Meetings, and Events
        1. Add an Appointment, Meeting, or Event to Your Schedule
      2. Changing Appointments, Meetings, and Events
        1. Drag an Appointment to a New Time or Day
      3. Viewing and Printing a Calendar
        1. Change a Calendar Format
        2. Print a Calendar
      4. Scheduling a Meeting for a Group
        1. Schedule a Group Meeting
      5. New Feature: Using the Microsoft Office Internet Free/Busy Service
        1. Manage Free/Busy Options
      6. Personalizing Your Calendar
        1. Change Calendar Options
    14. 12. Managing Personal Information Using Outlook
      1. Previewing Your Day’s Work
        1. Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Your Workday
        2. Personalize Outlook Today
      2. Creating an Online Address Book
        1. Create a New Contact
        2. Open the Contacts Folder
        3. Create One Contact for a Group of People
      3. Building on Your Address Book
        1. Copy a Contact from an E-Mail Message
        2. Update an Existing Contact
      4. Creating an Online To-Do List
        1. Create a New Task
      5. Managing Your Online To-Do List
        1. Mark a Task As Complete or Delete It
        2. Create a Recurring Task
      6. Keeping a Journal
        1. Set the Journal to Record Activities Automatically
        2. Record an Activity Manually As You Work
        3. Review a Journal Entry
      7. Making Notes to Yourself
        1. Write Yourself a Note
        2. Open a Note
        3. Change the Color of a Note
        4. Delete a Note
      8. Sorting and Filtering Contacts, Tasks, and Other Outlook Entries
        1. Sort or Filter Entries Using Outlook’s Criteria
        2. Sort Entries Quickly
        3. Remove a Sort Order
      9. Printing from Outlook
        1. Print Outlook Entries or Lists
    15. 13. Collaborating Using Office
      1. Sending Out Documents for Review
        1. New Feature: Use E-Mail to Send Out Documents for Review
      2. Adding Comments
        1. Insert a Comment into a Document
      3. Tracking Changes
        1. Enable Change Tracking in Word
        2. Enable Change Tracking in Excel
        3. Accept or Reject a Change in Word
        4. Accept or Reject a Change in Excel
      4. New Feature: Discussing a Document On Line
        1. Set Up Discussions in a Document
        2. Add a New Discussion
      5. Comparing and Merging Changes and Comments
        1. Merge Two Documents
      6. Sharing Information Among Programs
        1. Paste an Excel Chart in Word
      7. Getting Documents from the Internet
      8. Importing and Exporting Files
        1. Open a Non-Office File in Word
        2. Save an Excel Workbook in Another Format
      9. Holding an Online Meeting
        1. Schedule an Online Meeting
        2. Accept an Invitation to a Meeting
        3. Join an Online Meeting
      10. Embedding and Linking Information
        1. Link Access Data to an Excel Worksheet
        2. Embed an Excel Worksheet in a PowerPoint Presentation
      11. Protecting Your Excel Data
        1. Password-Protect an Excel Worksheet
    16. 14. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Creating a Presentation from Scratch
        1. Create a New, Blank Presentation
      2. Creating a Presentation Using a Template
        1. Start a Presentation with a Design Template
      3. Creating a Presentation Using Sample Content
        1. Use the AutoContent Wizard
      4. Using a Word Outline to Start a Presentation
        1. Create a Presentation from a Word Outline
      5. Viewing PowerPoint Slides in Different Ways
        1. Display Slides in Slide Sorter View
      6. Outlining a Presentation
        1. Type Outline Text for a Slide
        2. Reorder Slides on the Outline Tab
        3. Move Bulleted Text
      7. Adding Slides
        1. Insert a Blank Slide in Normal View
        2. Insert a Blank Slide in Slide Sorter View
        3. Change a Slide’s Layout
      8. Adding Slides from Other Presentations
        1. Insert Slides from Another PowerPoint File
      9. Adding Text
        1. Create a Text Box with Text
      10. Previewing Your Presentation
        1. Preview a Presentation as a Slide Show
      11. Printing from PowerPoint
        1. Print a Presentation or Its Outline
    17. 15. Enhancing a PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Creating Impact with Color
        1. Change a Color Scheme
        2. Create a Custom Color Scheme
      2. Animating Slide Transitions
        1. Add an Animated Transition
      3. Animating a Presentation
        1. Apply an Animation Scheme to a Slide
      4. Recording Narration for a Presentation
        1. Record a Narration
      5. Power Tips for PowerPoint
      6. Animating Text and Other Objects
        1. Create and Modify an Animation Effect
      7. New Feature: Modifying Motion Path Animation
        1. Modify a Predefined Motion Path
        2. Apply a Custom Path
    18. 16. Delivering a PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Preparing Notes and Handouts
        1. Add Notes to a Slide
        2. Format Notes Pages
        3. Format Handout Page
      2. Customizing a Slide Show for a Particular Audience
        1. Create a Custom Slide Show
      3. Setting Up a Slide Show
        1. Set Up a Show
      4. Rehearsing and Timing a Presentation
        1. Rehearse a Presentation
        2. Review and Adjust Slide Timing
      5. Presenting a Slide Show
        1. Deliver a Presentation
        2. Package a Slide Show for Another Computer
      6. Broadcasting a Presentation
    19. 17. Getting Started Using an Access Database
      1. What Is a Database?
      2. Using a Wizard to Start a Database
        1. Start the Database Wizard
      3. Learning by Example from the Northwind Database
      4. Viewing Database Objects in the Database Window
        1. Open Objects in the Database Window
        2. Display Object Details
        3. Add a Database Object
      5. Opening and Editing a Database Table
        1. Open a Table in Datasheet View
        2. Add a Field
        3. Add a New Record
      6. Adding Data
        1. Add Data to a Record in Datasheet View
        2. Add Data to a Record in Forms View
        3. Delete a Record in Forms View
      7. Asking a Database Question
        1. Create a Query
      8. Creating a Report
        1. Create a Report Using a Wizard
      9. Printing from Access
        1. Print an Object from a Database
    20. 18. Using FrontPage
      1. What is a Web Site?
      2. Creating a New Web Site Using a Wizard
        1. Use a Web Site Wizard
      3. Opening and Closing a Web Site
        1. Open a FrontPage-based Web
        2. Close a FrontPage-based Web
      4. Listing Web Pages and Images Using Folders
        1. Display a Web Site’s Folders and Files
      5. Editing Web Pages
        1. Customize a Web Page Created by a Wizard
      6. New Feature: Changing the Look of a Web Site
        1. Apply a Design Theme
      7. Checking and Fixing Hyperlinks in a Web Site
        1. View the Hyperlinks in a Web
        2. List and Repair Broken Links
      8. Adding and Deleting Pages
        1. Insert a New Web Page
        2. Remove a Web Page
      9. Adding Hyperlinks to Pictures
        1. Create an Image Map
      10. Previewing Web Pages
        1. Preview a Web Page
      11. Printing from FrontPage
        1. Print a Web Page
        2. Print a Web Site’s Navigation Structure
      12. Opening and Navigating Web Pages
        1. Open a Web Site and Test Links in a Browser
    21. 19. Publishing Web Pages in Office
      1. Creating Web Pages
      2. Publishing Web Pages on the Internet
      3. Starting Web Pages Using a Wizard
        1. Create a Web Site Using the Web Page Wizard
      4. Starting a Web Site in Publisher
        1. New Feature: Create a Web Site in Publisher
      5. Previewing a Web Page
        1. Preview an Office Document as a Web Page
      6. Linking Pages Together
        1. Add a Hyperlink
      7. Editing and Deleting Hyperlinks
        1. Edit a Hyperlink
        2. Delete a Hyperlink
      8. Changing the Look of a Web Page
        1. Add a Visual Theme in Word
        2. Change a Design in Publisher
      9. Saving a Word or Publisher Web Page
        1. Save a Document as a Web Page
      10. New Feature: Saving a Worksheet as a Web Page
        1. Save an Excel Worksheet as a Web Page
      11. Saving a Presentation as a Web Page
        1. Publish Web Pages in PowerPoint
      12. New Feature: Creating a Web Archive to Send in an E-mail Message
        1. Save a Document as a Web Archive
    22. 20. Creating a Publication with Publisher
      1. Creating a Specific Type of Publication
        1. Start a Specific Type of Publication
      2. Publisher in a Nutshell
      3. Creating a Publication with a Special "Look"
        1. Start a Publication with a Special "Look" or Purpose
      4. Adding Calendars, Stars, and Other Elements to a Page
        1. Add an AutoShape
        2. Add a Design Gallery Object
      5. Adding and Deleting Pages
        1. Add Pages
        2. Delete a Page
      6. Changing Your Page View
        1. Zoom In or Out
        2. Switch Between a One-Page and Two-Page View
      7. Working with Frames for Pictures and Text
        1. Create a Text, Picture, or Table Frame
        2. Delete a Frame and Its Contents
        3. Move a Frame
      8. Adding and Formatting Text
        1. Enter Text in a Text Box
        2. Choose a Font Scheme
      9. Fitting Text in Text Boxes
        1. Fit Text in a Text Box Automatically
        2. Connect Text Boxes for a Long Story
      10. Adding Pictures
        1. Replace a Picture in an Existing Picture Frame
        2. Add a Picture Without an Existing Picture Frame
      11. Wrapping Text Around Pictures
        1. Wrap Text Around the Shape of a Picture
      12. Layering, Grouping, and Rotating Pictures
        1. Layer Pictures and Other Objects
        2. Group Text, Pictures, and Other Objects
        3. Rotate Pictures and Other Objects
      13. Checking and Printing a Publication
        1. Switch Printers
        2. Check Your Document Design
    23. 21. New Feature: Creating and Working with a SharePoint Team Web Site
      1. What Is a SharePoint Team Web Site?
      2. Creating a SharePoint Team Web Site
        1. Use FrontPage to Create a Team Web Site
      3. Adding Users to Your SharePoint Team Web Site
        1. Set Unique User Accounts for Your Team Web Site
        2. Create a New User Account
      4. Storing Documents on a SharePoint Team Web Site
        1. Upload a Document to Your Team Web Site Through a Browser
        2. Save a Document to a SharePoint Team Web Site from Office
      5. Organizing Documents on a SharePoint Team Web Site
        1. Create a New Subfolder in the Shared Documents Folder
        2. Delete a File from the Shared Documents Folder
      6. Scheduling Events for a Group
        1. Add an Event
      7. Setting Up a Contact List
        1. Add a Contact
      8. Carrying On an Online Team Discussion
        1. Post a Message to Your Team Web Site
      9. Changing the Look of a SharePoint Team Web Site
        1. Reorganize Your Team Web Site’s Home Page
      10. Editing the SharePoint Team Web Site in FrontPage
        1. Open a SharePoint Team Web Site in FrontPage
    24. A. About the Authors
    25. B.
    26. Index
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