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Meditation Made Easy

Book Description

There's more to meditation than just rhythmically chanting "Om" in a seated position - inner calm can be achieved through the simplest of actions, such as mindfully drinking a cup of tea. This guide shows you how to harness the power of meditation in your daily life with a variety of meditation techniques that you can learn and carry out in just a few minutes. From breathing exercises that can help you quickly calm down in a stressful situation to mantras that can help you state your intentions for the day, every page offers powerful techniques, showing you effective ways to boost your mood, manage worries, and get a good night's sleep.
Featuring more than 50 easy-to-follow guided meditations, Meditation Made Easy helps lead you toward peace, tranquility, and a more relaxed life.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Part I: Meditation Basics
    1. What Is Meditation?
    2. Misconceptions about Meditation
    3. You Might Already Be Meditating Without Knowing It!
    4. The Language of Meditation
    5. The Benefits of Meditation
    6. Meditation and Your “Mind”
    7. The Importance of Your Breathing
    8. The Basics of Breath Control
    9. Observing Your Thoughts
    10. What Are Your Personal Meditation Goals?
    11. Where and When to Meditate
    12. Preparing Your Meditation Space
    13. Preparing Your Body for Meditation
    14. Basic Meditation Postures
    15. Thoughts and Feelings During Meditation
    16. Best Practices
  6. Part II: 62 Meditation Exercises
    1. Awakening Meditation
    2. Throat Chakra Meditation
    3. Ready for Anything Meditation
    4. Sippy Straw Exercise
    5. One-Minute Ramp Up Your Energy Meditation
    6. Fish Pose
    7. Forming an Intention
    8. Mindful Shower Meditation
    9. Watching the Breath
    10. Three-Part Breath for Good Digestion
    11. One-Breath Meditation
    12. Breath of Joy
    13. Eye Cupping
    14. Mountain Pose
    15. Standing Cobra Pose Meditation
    16. Lying Down Cobra Pose Meditation
    17. Sphinx Pose Meditation
    18. Walking Meditation
    19. Rebalancing Meditation
    20. Cleanse Your Energy
    21. Clearing Obstacles
    22. Dismissing Thoughts
    23. Hidden Community
    24. Child’s Pose
    25. In-Out Meditation
    26. Object Meditation
    27. Going with Gravity
    28. Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation
    29. Warrior Pose
    30. Corpse Pose (Savasana)
    31. Fold Over Pose
    32. Twisting Pose
    33. Straight-Leg Forward Bend
    34. Backbend
    35. Stirring the Pot Meditation
    36. Pelvic Tilt
    37. The Cave of the Heart
    38. Sacred Wounds
    39. Honor Your Inner Child, Meditation #1
    40. Honor Your Inner Child, Meditation #2
    41. Listen to Your Intuition Meditation
    42. Releasing Shoulder Tension Meditation
    43. Gas-Relieving Pose
    44. Giving Thanks Meditation
    45. Teatime Meditation
    46. Meditation to Open Your Heart to the Cosmos
    47. Meditation to Ignore the Noise
    48. Making Plans Meditation
    49. Easing an Overbooked Day Meditation
    50. Create a Calm Kitchen
    51. Chopping Vegetables Meditation
    52. Eat Slowly
    53. Sacred Reading Meditation
    54. Phone Call Meditation
    55. Tense and Release
    56. Memory Meditation
    57. Meditation for the Bath
    58. Legs Up the Wall Meditation
    59. Pray Slowly
    60. Cobbler’s Pose
    61. Sleep Meditation
    62. Dream Journal Meditation
  7. Part III: Finding Mindfulness
    1. Understanding the Mind
    2. Levels of Consciousness
    3. The Practice of Mindfulness
    4. Meditation Is Action
    5. Meditation for Memory and Creativity
    6. Active Mind versus Receptive Mind
    7. Seeing Clearly Through Meditation
    8. Transformation Through Meditation
    9. Meditation As a Retreat
    10. Making Time for Meditation
    11. Seeking Out Meditation Communities
    12. Moving Forward
  8. Suggested Reading
  9. Copyright