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Installing Nexus

The following subsections explain how to download, install, run, configure, and upgrade Nexus on your system.

Downloading Nexus from Sonatype

You can find information about Nexus at To download Nexus, go to Click on the Download link and download the appropriate archive for your platform. Nexus is available as a ZIP and a GZipped TAR file.

Installing Nexus

Installing Nexus is straightforward: unpack the Nexus archive in a directory. If you are installing Nexus on a local workstation to give it a test run, you can install it in your home directory or wherever else you like. Nexus doesn’t have any hardcoded directories; it will run from any directory. If you download the ZIP archive, run this:

$ unzip

And if you download the GZipped TAR archive, run this:

$ tar xvzf nexus-1.0.0-bundle.tgz


There are some known incompatibilities with the version of TAR provided by Solaris and the GZip TAR format. If you are installing Nexus on Solaris, you must use the GNU tar application or you will end up with corrupted files. Please see

If you are installing Nexus on a server, you might want to use a directory other than your home directory. On a Unix machine, this could be under /usr/local/nexus-1.0.0 with a symbolic link /usr/local/nexus to the nexus directory. Using a generic symbolic link nexus to a specific version ...

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