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Tips and Tricks

This section lists some useful tips and tricks you can use when creating a Maven site.

Inject XHTML into HEAD

To inject XHTML into the HEAD element, add a head element to the body element in your project’s Site descriptor. Example 15-13 adds a feed link to every page in the sample-project web site.

Example 15-13. Injecting HTML into the HEAD element

<project name="Hello World">
      <link href=""
            title="Sample Project Blog" />

Add Links Under Your Site Logo

If you are working on a project that is being developed by an organization, you may want to add links under your project’s logo. Assuming that your project is a part of the Apache Software Foundation, you might want to add a link to the Apache Software Foundation web site right below your logo, and you might want to add a link to a parent project as well. To add links below your site logo, just add a links element to the body element in the Site descriptor. Each item element in the links element will be rendered as a link in a bar directly below your project’s logo. Example 15-14 will add a link to the Apache Software Foundation followed by a link to the Apache Maven project.

Example 15-14. Adding links under your site logo

<project name="Hello World"> ... <body> ... <links> <item name="Apache" href=""/> <item name="Maven" href=""/> ...

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