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Mastering Software Quality Assurance

Book Description

This comprehensive reference on software development quality assurance addresses all four dimensions of quality: specifications, design, construction and conformance. It focuses on quality from both the micro and macro viewpoint. From a micro view, it details the aspect of building-in quality at the component level to help ensure that the overall deliverable has ingrained quality. From a macro view, it addresses the organizational-level activities that provide an environment conducive to fostering quality in the deliverables as well as developing a culture focused on quality in the organization. Mastering Software Quality Assurance also explores a process driven approach to quality and provides the information and guidance needed for implementing a process quality model in your organization. It includes best practices and valuable tools and techniques for software developers.

Key Features
  • Covers every aspect of software quality assurance, quality control, and the measurement of software quality, and includes best practices, valuable tools and techniques for software developers
  • Tackles the quality of specifications, design, construction and conformance as applicable to software development organizations from both the micro and macro view
  • Offers unique insights into achieving quality at the component level and explores process quality from the standpoint of implementation rather than from the appraiser/assessor point of view
  • Provides a strategic view of the ISO and CMMI models and describes necessary steps for attaining conformance to those models
  • WAV offers a comprehensive tool for assistance in software testing (TestPal), a tool for increasing personal effectiveness (PET), and templates illustrated within the text that are adaptable to your own needs — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at