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Mastering Sale and Service

Video Description

In this dynamic, informative series, psychologist Peter Quarry hosts a panel of sales and service experts: Michael Schiffner, managing director of Collective Intelligence, an award-winning sales training consultancy, Gayarthri Buur-Jensen, a top retail sales manager, and Andrew Stuart, co-founder of real estate giant Hocking Stuart. Learn a range of skills to improve sales performance.

The eight video chapters are:

  1. What Customers Love and Hate: 12 minutes How to avoid turning customers off, instead converting them on the spot. Engage customers with skills: • Punctual, polite, ask permission • Use open questions to explore needs • Create value and link benefits
  2. Selling Yourself First: 12 minutes First impressions, building a rapport and developing trust – how can you improve? Build customer relationships: • Build rapport and trust • Impress with questions and warmth • Look professional, be fit and positive
  3. Presenting with Impact: 16 minutes Some presenters put you to sleep, others instinctively energize. Learn techniques for great presentation. Strategies to impress customers: • Engaging questions to learn needs • Listen, encourage, invite questions
  4. Overcoming Objections: 16 minutes Learn how to overcome objections without feeling overcome by customer negativity. Learn strategies for typical objections: • No need, price, feature or time • Acknowledge and normalize feelings • Use reference examples, features and options
  5. Closing the Sale: 12 minutes Is it a question of ‘closing’ a sale or ‘ensuring’ it instead? Is there a formula or is it better to go with instinct? Closing with success is the natural progression: • Customer commitment stages • Ask progressively, add items • Summarize needs, link to product
  6. The Phone as a Friend: 13 minutes Knowing how to maximize phone interactions and capitalizing on new technologies. Effective and efficient phone use: • Sell or add on inbound calls • Do calls early, use SMS, log calls • Effective messages and follow up
  7. Managing Difficult Customers and Complaints: 13 minutes How to transform a difficult customer into a transformative win-win for everyone. Turn angry customers into advocates: • Acknowledge, apologize, allow venting • Don’t argue or take personally • Probe for cause, determine best fix
  8. Working Constructively in a Sales Team: 13 minutes Harnessing all the salespeople into an effective, collaborative team of happy, high-achievers. Achieve best results from the team: • Winning characteristics, value diversity • Promote fun environment • Two-way feedback, coaching, being a role model