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Mastering Coaching Skills

Video Description

Coaching situations should be exciting opportunities for feedback, growth, development and improved bottom-line results! But, often, even with the best preparation and planning, people respond and react unpredictably…and these present real-life.

Developed by psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, these powerful video chapters are suitable for all coaches, managers and team leaders, team members, mentors…even those who need to coach their managers! They provide case studies where coaches are confronted with a variety of challenges and specific skills are modeled … an excellent opportunity to learn a range of practical tools and techniques.

Discover basic principles of how to effectively coach and mentor another person, regardless of whether that person is a staff member, peer, manager or even a customer.

Peter Quarry, Performance management expert, presents dramatized case to illustrate these essential coaching, mentoring and feedback skills

  • Getting started when giving feedback and coaching
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Building skills
  • Enhancing confidence
  • Encouraging flexibility
  • Resolving conflict
  • Developing motivation
  • Gaining agreement to performance changes
  • Exploring underlying issues and finding out what’s really going on
  • Overcoming blocks when coaching

People are often confused about the word “coaching” because it has different meanings in different workplaces. Some see it simply as on-the-job training, others see it as advice given by a mentor and some define it as counseling or providing encouragement to perform better. For others, it implies disciplining an employee who is performing poorly.

Coaches in the sporting world have fine-tuned their coaching skills to ensure their athletes win, set records or at least achieve their best results. In the same way athletic coaches help their teams to achieve performance excellence, workplace coaches need to help their team members reach their potential and be the best they can be. Coaching improves communication, morale and performance, and helps to build empowered teams.

These days every employee is a coach! Every employee in every job needs to be able to coach others to achieve better job performance, improved handling of customers and effective communication.