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Marketing with Strategic Empathy

Book Description

Empower teams to engage together in immersive 'strategic learning' about consumers, and use this learning to create a blueprint for strategic, flexible strategy planning.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Marketing with Strategic Empathy
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. List of case studies and detailed examples
  6. List of figures
  7. List of tables
  8. About the author
  9. Preface
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. List of abbreviations
  12. 01    Why marketing strategists need empathy
    1. Introduction: the case for Strategic Empathy®
    2. How do organizations really develop marketing strategy?
    3. Strategic learning vs strategic planning
    4. Marketing strategy formation is both planned and emergent
    5. Organizational learning starts with individual learning
    6. Strategic learning based on empathy
    7. Strategic Empathy
    8. References
  13. 02    Strategic learning frameworks: needs, emotions, culture and decision-making
    1. Introduction
    2. Framework One: emotions
    3. Framework Two: needs, goals and values
    4. Framework Three: culture
    5. Framework Four: decision-making
    6. Future perspectives
    7. References
  14. 03    Reshaping the marketing strategy template, based on Strategic Empathy
    1. Introduction
    2. Time to reinvent marketing strategy for a new environment?
    3. Corporate strategy components
    4. The reshaped marketing strategy
    5. A new brand positioning architecture
    6. References
  15. 04    The Strategic Empathy Process for marketing strategy formation: overview
    1. Introduction
    2. Overview of the Strategic Empathy Process
    3. Pre-Planning
    4. Phase One: Immerse in the consumer’s world
    5. Phase Two: Activate insights into marketing strategy
    6. Phase Three: Inspire empathy among the wider stakeholder group
    7. References
  16. 05    The Strategic Empathy Process Phase One: Immerse – immersive research methods
    1. Introduction
    2. What exactly is immersive research?
    3. Ethnographic research methods (in business)
      1. Designing and planning an ethnographic research project
      2. Conducting an ethnographic encounter
    4. Design research
    5. Recording what happens in the ethnographic interview
      1. Netnography, social media ethnography and digital ethnography
    6. In-depth interviews
      1. Dyads and friendship pairs
    7. Group discussions
    8. Executive panels
    9. Online communities
    10. References
  17. 06    The Strategic Empathy Process Phase One (continued): Immerse – immersive research tools and techniques
    1. Introduction
    2. Immersive research project management
      1. Sample size, screening criteria and location
      2. Budget, project plan and timeline
      3. Recruiting screener
      4. Recruit and project logistics
      5. Managing global research
    3. Immersive research tools
      1. Deep Visualization
      2. Semiotic Scan
      3. Metaphor elicitation
      4. Laddering
      5. Projective techniques
      6. Consumer neuroscience methods and tools
      7. Agile research
    4. References
  18. 07    The Strategic Empathy Process Phase Two: Activate insights into strategy
    1. Introduction
    2. Three steps to insight activation
    3. Step 1: analyse immersive research data
      1. Planning an activation session
    4. Step 2: build fresh consumer or customer insights
      1. Insight architecture
      2. How to build insights out of data
    5. Step 3: identify potential strategic actions
      1. Agile insight activation
      2. Open innovation
      3. Validating potential strategic actions
    6. References
  19. 08    The Strategic Empathy Process Phase Three: Inspire – communicate strategic learning
    1. Introduction
    2. Inspiring stakeholders: three strategic goals
    3. Story-telling, not presenting
    4. Defining the audience and media approach for strategic story-telling
    5. Collecting consumer content for strategic story-telling
    6. Character-driven story-telling
    7. Consumer documentary video
    8. Video production guidelines
    9. Virtual reality consumer video?
    10. References
  20. 09    The Strategic Empathy Process in a non-profit organization
    1. Introduction
    2. ‘Customer-focus’ in the non-profit organization
    3. How the Strategic Empathy Process works in a non-profit
    4. Effective immersive research methods and tools
    5. Supporting fund-raising
    6. References
  21. Glossary
  22. Index
  23. Copyright