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Managing Coaching at Work

Book Description

Based on direct experience and a realistic understanding of the scope of influence that many coaching champions have within their organizations, Managing Coaching at Work provides practical guidance on all aspects of making workplace coaching work. It serves as an essential reference for any manager or HR professional looking to bring coaching into their organization and for those seeking to move forward, re-energize or maximize the true potential of their true coaching investment. This comprehensive guide covers all of the key issues many organizations face, including: ·Embedding coaching on a shoestring and surviving during times when budgets are under pressure ·Developing, sourcing and maximizing the use of coaching to meet your organization's business needs ·Creating a compelling business case for sustaining coaching ·Making coaching a part of managers' everyday skill-sets ·Evaluating the results and benefits of coaching Find out more on the book's website, www.managingcoachingatwork.com