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Managing Business Risk, 9th Edition

Book Description

Effective risk management - the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks - is a vital consideration when looking to safeguard your company's commercial future and deal with the latest regulatory requirements. Managing Business Risk will enable your company to maintain controls on risks that may threaten your business while at the same time delivering transparent reporting to your stakeholders. The book examines the key areas of risk in today's competitive and complex business market. Drawing on expert advice from leading risk consultants, lawyers and regulatory authorities, it shows you how to protect your business against a rising tide of business risks. If you don't build risk controls into the structure of your company, from the boardroom down, then your business could be vulnerable to a number of threats - both internal and external. Identify and neutralise them now, and give your company a competitive advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Imprint
  4. Table of contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Contributors notes
  7. Introduction
  8. PART ONE Boardroom focus on risk issues
  9. 1.1. Risk recognition in the boardroom and its management
  10. 1.2. Risk appetite: cut through the hype
  11. 1.3. Capital project risk management: foundations to mastery vi
  12. 1.4. Asset integrity risk management
  13. 1.5. Piercing the corporate veil: liability of parent companies for the actions of their subsidiaries
  14. 1.6. A new dawn for board oversight vii
  15. 1.7. Positive risk: the upside issues
  16. PART TWO Approaches to operational
  17. 2.1. Risk-based security
  18. 2.2. Preparing for uncertainty: using scenarios viii
  19. 2.3. Operational risk in finance: lessons learned from safety-critical industries
  20. 2.4. Managing risks in the supply chain: reaching new standards
  21. 2.5. Software and Cloud escrow: an effective tool for managing risk and new business opportunities
  22. 2.6. Frugal enterprise risk management and ISO 31000
  23. PART THREE Risk management applications
  24. 3.1. Understanding cyber security risk
  25. 3.2. Managing business risk in the life sciences industry
  26. 3.3. Independent assessment and certification: good for food safety – good for business
  27. 3.4. Opportunities and pitfalls of distance learning
  28. 3.5. Current risk issues in employment
  29. PART FOUR Risk assessments of high-growth
  30. 4.1. Managing business risks in Brazil
  31. 4.2. China: balancing opportunity and threat
  32. 4.3. Russia: business risk in 2013
  33. 4.4 India: the risk environment
  34. 4.5 Thailand: manageable business risk
  35. 4.6 South-East Asia: managing risk regionally through delegation
  36. Appendix: Contributors’ contact list
  37. Index
  38. Full imprint