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Manage Your Own Money

Video Description

If you are stressed by your personal financial situation getting out of control – this is a must see starting point for managing yourself and your money, especially when it comes to credit cards. In this program psychologist Peter Quarry interviews Independent Investment Advisor Freda Miriklis, to find out some critical advice to help get you back into control.

The two video chapters are:

  1. Controlling Credit Card Debt: 13 minutes Peter Quarry interviews Investment Advisor Freda Miriklis. Freda Miriklis introduces some simple rules to help consumers better manage their credit cards. With more people experiencing financial difficulty, this timely program aids financial literacy and consumer empowerment. It explains the real cost of credit, and offer practical tips for resolving credit card debt.
  2. Managing Personal Finances: 12 minutes Peter Quarry interviews investment advisor Freda Miriklis. In this program, Freda Miriklis, shares her top three tips to help manage personal finances. We can all take more control of our finances - even if we don't earn a lot of money. It comes down to understanding our expenses and making informed decisions. Freda Miriklis defines good debt, bad debt and outlines a practical approach to savings and expenditure. This program will help us to evaluate our essential needs and determine the right time to spend money on non-essentials.

Table of Contents

  1. Controlling Credit Card Debt 00:13:02
  2. Managing Personal Finances 00:12:23