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Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management Case Study Collection

Book Description

Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management Case Study Collection is a rich and varied compilation of relevant case studies from across logistics, supply chain management and operations.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Editor’s Introduction
  6. PART ONE Operations management
    1. CASE STUDY 1.1    The nuclear effect of computer malware
      1. Impact of politics on computer-controlled operational processes
      2. Lucian Tipi
    2. CASE STUDY 1.2    Real world effects of cyber-attacks
      1. Security issues in computer-controlled production
      2. Lucian Tipi
    3. CASE STUDY 1.3    Jewellery design and manufacture operations
      1. Delivery delays and solutions
      2. Brian Lawrence
    4. CASE STUDY 1.4    Sustainability in the hotel industry
      1. The role of operating agreements in the hotel industry
      2. Arvind Upadhyay, Francesco Pomponi, Céline Vadam and Sushil Mohan
    5. CASE STUDY 1.5    The closure of a bank department
      1. The cost of interrupting information supply chains
      2. Brian Lawrence
    6. CASE STUDY 1.6    Demand covering and service level estimation in public services planning
      1. The case of household waste recycling centres
      2. Andrea Genovese and Mike Simpson
    7. CASE STUDY 1.7    Job shop layout at Jones Medical Laboratories 64 Adjacent department method
      1. Mike Simpson and Andrea Genovese
    8. CASE STUDY 1.8    Monument Engineering Ltd
      1. Aggregate planning
      2. Mike Simpson and Andrea Genovese
    9. CASE STUDY 1.9    The mortgage advisor
      1. Process flow diagrams
      2. Mike Simpson and Andrea Genovese
    10. CASE STUDY 1.10    SABE Tractors
      1. An application of linear programming
      2. Andrea Genovese and Mike Simpson
    11. CASE STUDY 1.11    Lawnmower Engines Ltd
      1. Variable costs, break-even points and profit
      2. Mike Simpson and Andrea Genovese
    12. CASE STUDY 1.12    Sports Co Ltd
      1. Make or buy decisions
      2. Mike Simpson and Andrea Genovese
    13. CASE STUDY 1.13    Pretty Kitchens’ bag filling machine
      1. Calculating the cost of quality
      2. Mike Simpson and Andrea Genovese
    14. CASE STUDY 1.14    KTP tyres
      1. The use of deseasonalization techniques in demand forecasting
      2. Andrea Genovese and Mike Simpson
  7. PART TWO Logistics and supply chain management
    1. CASE STUDY 2.1    The maintenance stores dilemma
      1. A case study of Vortex, a maintenance stores operation
      2. Gwynne Richards
    2. CASE STUDY 2.2    Communication in business practice
      1. Its central role in supply chain management
      2. Xia Zhu
    3. CASE STUDY 2.3    Collaborative distribution considering economic and environmental performance
      1. Vahid Mirzabeiki
    4. CASE STUDY 2.4    Data sharing between supply chain actors
      1. Advantages and disadvantages
      2. Vahid Mirzabeiki
    5. CASE STUDY 2.5    Supply chain design for e-retailers
      1. Vahid Mirzabeiki
    6. CASE STUDY 2.6    Delays entering a container port
      1. A logistics bottleneck
      2. Brian Lawrence
    7. CASE STUDY 2.7    Drivers and barriers in implementing information management systems in European micro enterprises
      1. Empirical evidence from a success story
      2. Francesco Pomponi, Lorenzo Coccia and Arvind Upadhyay
    8. CASE STUDY 2.8    Growth strategies of logistics service providers
      1. A RBV perspective on the logistics industry
      2. Christian König and Nigel Caldwell
    9. CASE STUDY 2.9    Managing sustainability in the fashion supply chain
      1. Operationalization and challenges at a UK textile company
      2. Piyya Muhammad Rafi-Ul-Shan, Patsy Perry and David B Grant
    10. CASE STUDY 2.10    Supply chain dreams and nightmares
      1. The risks of unmanaged cost reduction
      2. Gerard Chick
    11. CASE STUDY 2.11    Uncertainty, disruption and resilience
      1. Severe flooding in Bangkok and its effects on supply chains
      2. Brian Lawrence
    12. CASE STUDY 2.12    Supply chain management and return on total net assets
      1. Understanding the impact of SCM decisions on financial performance
      2. Simon Templar
    13. CASE STUDY 2.13    Managing workers’ interests across global supply chain networks
      1. Case studies of the garment manufacturing and offshore construction industries
      2. Patsy Perry and Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
    14. CASE STUDY 2.14    Strategic cost management
      1. Lean production at a global vehicle manufacturer
      2. Gerard Chick
    15. CASE STUDY 2.15    Optimizing shipment options
      1. An application of the transportation problem
      2. Andrea Genovese and Mike Simpson
  8. Index
  9. Copyright