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Book Description

Facebook is the largest, fastest growing and popular social media site in the world today. With more than half a billion members, it has been a major force in both the cultural and business area for years now, and has now changed everything with f-commerce. In this e-book, Social Media specialist Dr. Natalie Petouhoff explains how this powerful new feature works and provides strategies for businesses to boost their sales, promote their brands, and increase their online presence.

Dr. Natalie helps companies understand how social media affects the bottom-line and to create strategies that provide real business value. As a USC Adjunct professor, Natalie takes her real-world experiences as a Forrester Social Media Analyst, an Agency executive and a consulting executive and translates it into practical business advice. Dr. Natalie is President of Social Media Club Los Angeles, an accomplished keynote speaker and a quoted expert in NYTimes, FastCompany, USAToday, Bloomberg-BusinessWeek and a featured guest on TV and radio. You can find her on twitter - @drnatalie and visit her website for some great free reports:

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Chapter 1. Why Do Business on Facebook?
    1. Be Where Your Customers Are
    2. The Future of One-Stop Facebook Shopping
    3. Social Network Fatigue and Opting for F-commerce
    4. How Facebook Could Provide Better CRM
    5. Facebook Social CRM
    6. Facebook’s Potential for One-to-One Marketing
    7. Facebook API: A Graph of What People Care About
    8. Facebook as a Marketing Funnel
  6. Chapter 2. How Does F-commerce Work?
    1. Facebook Storefronts
    2. How to Display an F-commerce Store on Facebook
    3. Enhancing Your Website with Facebook
  7. Chapter 3. Completing F-commerce Transactions Inside Facebook
    1. JCPenney
    2. Silver Kandi
  8. Chapter 4. Facebook Storefronts as Gateways to Brand Sites
    1. Best Buy
    3. Livescribe
    4. F-commerce Pop-Up Shops
  9. Chapter 5. Social Marketing with Facebook Plug-ins
    1. Word-of-Mouth Power
    2. Levi’s Friends Store
  10. Chapter 6. Linking F-commerce and E-commerce
    1. 1-800-Flowers
  11. Chapter 7. Utilizing Facebook Credits for F-commerce
    1. Warner Brothers
  12. Chapter 8. Creating Convenience with F-commerce Gift Cards
    1. Starbucks Coffeehouse
    2. Victoria’s Secret
  13. Chapter 9. F-commerce Exclusive Offers, Discounts, and Rewards
    1. Chile Monster
    2. iTunes
    3. Pantene
  14. Chapter 10. Customer Interaction and F-commerce
    1. Macy’s Magic
    2. The NBA
    3. Wet Seal
  15. Chapter 11. Engaging Customers on Facebook
    1. Spicing Up Old Spice
    3. Adult Swim
  16. Chapter 12. Customer Support as Added Value on Facebook
    1. Avon’s mark. Brand
  17. Chapter 13. Creating Word-of-Mouth Buzz to Drive F-commerce
    1. Jennifer Lopez
    2. Lady Gaga
  18. Chapter 14. Socially Responsible F-commerce
    1. Old Navy
    2. Ettitude
  19. Chapter 15. Customer Service Enhanced with F-commerce
    1. Mighty Leaf Tea
    2. PlayStation
    3. Delta
  20. Chapter 16. Capturing Customer Data with F-commerce
    1. How Might Timeline Affect F-commerce?
    2. Delivering Content for Success with Timeline
    3. How to Track Your F-commerce Success
    4. How to Quantify F-commerce
    5. The F-commerce Customer Value Chain
    6. Value of Ambassadors and Influencers
    7. Driving Sales with F-commerce
    8. The Value of a Facebook Fan
    9. Facebook Can Be the Decisive Factor for Commercial Success
  21. Also Available
  22. Copyright Page