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Liftoff, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Ready, set, liftoff! Align your team to one purpose: successful delivery. Learn new insights and techniques for starting projects and teams the right way, with expanded concepts for planning, organizing, and conducting liftoff meetings. Real-life stories illustrate how others have effectively started (or restarted) their teams and projects. Master coaches Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies have successfully "lifted off" numerous agile projects worldwide. Are you ready for success?

Table of Contents

  1.  Foreword
  2.  Acknowledgments
  3.  Introduction: Defying Gravity
    1. What Is a Liftoff?
    2. Why We Wrote This Book
    3. What’s Inside?
    4. Who’ll Benefit from Reading This Book?
  4. 1. Plan for a Successful Liftoff
    1. Are You Ready to Plan a Liftoff?
    2. Who Plans the Liftoff?
    3. Planning the Liftoff
    4. It’s Never Too Late
    5. What’s Next?
    6. In Practice: Team Restart
  5. 2. Navigate Learning Environments
    1. Setting Conditions for Optimal Team Learning
    2. Focus on Learning
    3. What’s Next?
    4. In Practice: Applying the Rules
  6. 3. Design a Great Liftoff for Your Team
    1. Initial Design Considerations
    2. Designing the Start
    3. The Heart of Your Liftoff
    4. Ending Your Liftoff
    5. What’s Next?
    6. In Practice: A Kickoff Workshop Gem
  7. 4. Smooth the Path to Performance with Agile Chartering
    1. What Is Agile Chartering?
    2. Leading the Two Parts of Chartering
    3. Amending the Living Charter
    4. What’s Next?
    5. In Practice: The System Tracking Project
  8. 5. Charter a Clear Team Purpose
    1. Understanding Purpose
    2. How to Facilitate Agile Chartering for Purpose
    3. What’s Next?
    4. In Practice: How a Team Found the Power of Purpose
  9. 6. Create Coherence by Chartering Alignment
    1. Understanding Alignment
    2. How to Facilitate Agile Chartering for Alignment
    3. What’s Next?
    4. In Practice: Team Building in Transition
  10. 7. Charter Context to Influence Work
    1. Understanding Context
    2. How to Facilitate Agile Chartering for Context
    3. What’s Next?
    4. In Practice: A Tale of Two Projects
  11. 8. Soar from Liftoff to Flight
    1. Preparing for a Liftoff Retrospective
    2. Conducting a Liftoff Retrospective
    3. Keeping the Team Charter Alive
    4. Have a Great Flight!
    5. In Practice: The Yardbirds
  12. A1. Sample Charters
  13. A2. Sample Chartering Agendas
  14. A3. Contributor Biographies
  15.  Bibliography