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Learning ServiceNow Administration

Video Description

IT Service management at your fingertips

About This Video

  • Leverage ServiceNow's capabilities to achieve improved service management and excellent results in your IT operations by following step-by-step, practical instructions
  • Build core administration, management, and maintenance skills with IT service management and IT operations management
  • Improve your workflow efficiency by designing and creating responsive and automated workflows

In Detail

ServiceNow is a powerful and versatile cloud-based IT Service Management platform that supports incident, problem, change, and knowledge management, as well as a great many other IT processes.

This video shows you how to put important ServiceNow features to work in the real world. We introduce key concepts and examples on managing and automating IT services, and help you build a solid foundation towards this new approach. We demonstrate how to effectively implement various system configurations within ServiceNow, show you how to configure and administer your instance, and then move on to building strong user interfaces and creating powerful workflows. We also cover other key elements of ServiceNow, such as alerts and notifications, security, reporting, and custom development.

You'll learn how to improve your business workflow, processes, and operational efficiency. By the end of this course, you'll be able to successfully configure and manage ServiceNow within your organization