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LEADing Small Business

Book Description

This is one of the first books to fully value and realise the connection between leadership and learning in SMEs. It provides a real-life narrative, encapsulating the development of business people on a leadership programme for SME managers, whilst explaining the key theories, models and techniques that underpin the leadership methods and approaches deployed at each stage of the delegate’s journey. The book follows three owner/managers over a ten-month period. Each chapter splits into two – an aesthetic narrative on the learning journey and a ‘theory sandwich’, which draws the reader’s attention to the theories, models and debates underpinning the learning at each stage of the delegate’s journey. Academics as well as students will benefit from the research-based examination of leadership learning in the SME context, as it will allow them to stand in the shoes of owners or managers. Policy makers and practitioners will also find the narrative both revealing and informative.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. List of figures
  7. Notes on the authors
  8. Foreword Professor John J. Oliver OBE
  9. Preface: background and introduction to LEAD
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. 1 Does everyone feel this way? Loneliness, uncertainty, self-doubts and a distinct lack of time Theory sandwich 1 The owner/manager, leadership and business growth
  12. 2 Induction: taking the LEAD – beginning the LEAD journey Theory sandwich 2 Why is leadership learning problematic for small business?
  13. 3 LEAD journey: month 1 – March Theory sandwich 3 Leadership learning
  14. 4 LEAD journey: month 2 – April Theory sandwich 4 Coaching for growth
  15. 5 LEAD journey: month 3 – May Theory sandwich 5 Becoming a LEAD delegate and identity development
  16. 6 LEAD journey: month 4 – June Theory sandwich 6 Observational learning
  17. 7 LEAD journey: month 5 – July Theory sandwich 7 Single, double and triple-loop learning
  18. 8 LEAD journey: month 6 – August Theory sandwich 8 Human, social and institutional capitals
  19. 9 LEAD journey: month 7 – September Theory sandwich 9 Self-efficacy of leading: theoretical importance of Exchanges
  20. 10 LEAD journey: month 8 – October Theory sandwich 10 Bird’s nest and marbles
  21. 11 LEAD journey: month 9 – November Theory sandwich 11 Reflection and reflexivity
  22. 12 LEAD journey: month 10 – December Theory sandwich 12 The learning and the changes
  23. 13 Ambitious implications
  24. Epilogue – Turning LEAD into GOLD to GAIN: business alchemy and Work Based Learning
  25. References
  26. Index