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Leading Continuous Change

Book Description

Smart leaders know that today pressures for change don't come at you one at a time—they come all at once, from all directions. Bill Pasmore offers a four-part model that allows leaders to deal with multiple changes simultaneously without drowning in the churn. The first step is to Discover which external pressures for change are the most critical to address. The key here is to think fewer—the possibilities are many, but Pasmore shows how you can “step away from the buffet “and identify the highest-impact options. Then leaders must Decide how many change efforts their organizations can handle. Here the mindset is to think scarcer—you have only so many people and so many resources, so how do you best use them? Once you've figured out what to address and how, it's time to Do—and here you want to think faster. Pasmore offers advice for streamlining change processes and engaging in rapid prototyping so you can learn quickly and cost-effectively. The last step is to Discern what worked and what didn't, and to do that you must think smarter—develop metrics, identify trends, and ensure learnings are used to build capabilities to make future change efforts even more successful.For each stage of the process, Pasmore offers detailed guidance, practical tools, and real-world examples. This book is a comprehensive guide to navigating change the way it happens now.