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Leadership Skills for Women: Achieving Impact as a Manager

Book Description

For women who want to become business leaders, this book uses self-study activities to help readers understand and develop the leadership skills required for business success. Topics include communication styles, team building, differences between male and female leadership styles, and much more.

Coverage includes—

  • To define qualities of effective leaders

  • To present strategies for team leadership

  • To address possible problems for the female leader

  • Table of Contents

    1. Learning Objectives For:
    2. To the Reader
    3. The Characteristics of Effective Leaders
      1. Characteristics of Effective Leaders
      2. Test Your Leadership Potential
      3. Many “Styles” of Leadership
      4. What Style are You?
      5. A Leader’s Attitude Affects Productivity
      6. A Leader’s Attitude and Vision
        1. Your Vision
      7. Identifying a Leadership Model
        1. Leadership Functions
      8. Prejudices Against Women as Leaders
        1. Stereotypes
      9. Working with Men
    4. Leading Your Team
      1. Rate Yourself as an Effective Team Builder
      2. Characteristics of Highly-Cohesive Teams
        1. The Experience of Collaboration
      3. Seven Basics of Team Leadership
      4. Characteristics of Team Members
        1. The Traditional Team Player:
        2. The Analytical Team Player:
        3. The Dominating Team Player:
        4. The Charismatic Team Player:
      5. Evaluate Your Team Members
      6. What Motivates Your Team?
      7. Using Values to Motivate Employees
        1. Questions for a Group to Clarify Values
    5. Planning Tools
      1. Definition of a Goal
        1. Elements of a Goal
      2. Goal Setting Exercise
      3. Involve Your Team in Goal Setting
      4. Getting Organized
      5. Leaders and Time Management
        1. Watch Out for Time Theft!
        2. 10 Commandments of Time Management
      6. Leaders and Meetings
        1. Meetings that Work
        2. Meet Before a Meeting
        3. Plan an Agenda
        4. Prepare What You Need for the Meeting
        5. Lead the Meeting
      7. How to Delegate Skillfully
        1. Delegating
        2. Rate Yourself as a Delegator
      8. Decision Making and Leadership
    6. Leaders are Problem Solvers
      1. Conflict Resolution Styles
        1. Conflict Exercise
      2. Resolving Conflict
      3. Managing Difficult People
        1. Seven Difficult Personality Types
      4. Difficult People Leadership Exercise
      5. Coaching and Counseling
        1. The Benefits of Coaching
        2. Promoting Diversity to Improve Morale and Productivity
      6. The Art of Feedback and Using “I” Messages
        1. Talking About How You Feel
      7. How to Use Positive Anger
      8. “Stressbusters”
    7. Developing Personal Power
      1. Developing Personal Power
        1. 1. Authority
        2. 2. Assertiveness: A Key Skill
        3. 3. Accessibility
        4. 4. Image
        5. 5. Solid Communication Habits
    8. Summary— Having it All
      1. The Benefits of Being a Woman Leader
      2. Professional Development —Summary Review
      3. Your Feedback is Important
      4. Reading List
        1. Bibliodiv