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Leadership PQ

Book Description

Political Intelligence (PQ) is a new leadership requirement that will allow governments and businesses to build relationships and work together in a new and more effective way. Successful leaders have built the capability to interact strategically in a world where government and business share power to shape the future. Leadership PQ explains why political intelligence is now a critical leadership requirement; presents exclusive case studies and interview material to demonstrate the impact of PQ in action; and provides practical advice to on how to develop it by effectively navigating the Golden Triangle of business, government and society.

Table of Contents

  1. List of figures
  2. List of tables
  3. Foreword
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. PART ONE Introducing PQ
  6. 01  What is PQ and why does it matter?  What is PQ and why does it matter?
  7. Why it matters
  8. Why has the need for PQ arisen?
  9. How should business leaders respond?
  10. How should leaders in government respond?
  11. How should non-profit leaders respond?
  12. The PQ model
  13. How could PQ make a difference?
  14. Conclusion
  15. 02  It’s a shared power world  It’s a shared power world
  16. What is it?
  17. Change drivers
  18. Regulation
  19. Doing business differently
  20. Doing politics differently – soft power
  21. Conclusion
  22. PART TWO The PQ model
  23. 03  Introducing the model  Introducing the model
  24. What is it?
  25. The model
  26. Shared power
  27. 04  Futurity  Futurity
  28. What is it?
  29. Shapes the future
  30. Sets the strategic direction
  31. Registers changing currents
  32. Balances different ways of thinking
  33. Delivers the future
  34. Conclusion
  35. 05  Power  Power
  36. What is it?
  37. Finds out where power and influence reside in each stakeholder group
  38. Influences and advances the future vision
  39. Acts courageously, takes risks and upholds ethics
  40. Combines charisma and purpose
  41. Understands complexity and explains it simply
  42. Conclusion
  43. 06  Empathy with purpose  Empathy with purpose
  44. What is it?
  45. Studies key stakeholders
  46. Relates to wider society
  47. Builds shared empathy
  48. Inspires passion and commitment from other stakeholders
  49. Feels an empathy with humanity
  50. Conclusion
  51. 07  Trust  Trust
  52. What is it?
  53. Acts with integrity and honesty
  54. Operates ethically
  55. Projects that deliver long-term and societal benefits
  56. Manages competing interests
  57. A track record for delivering results
  58. Conclusion
  59. 08  Versatility  Versatility
  60. What is it?
  61. Changes tack to fit new demands
  62. Self-command
  63. Focus and strength of purpose
  64. Confidence and ease
  65. Political reality
  66. Conclusion
  67. PART THREE How to develop PQ capability
  68. 09  Developing PQ as a leader  Developing PQ as a leader
  69. How to develop your PQ skills
  70. Developing PQ capability across the five PQ facets
  71. 10  Developing PQ in your organization  Developing PQ in your organization
  72. Overview
  73. PQ skills audit
  74. Integrating PQ with other HR systems
  75. Further resources
  76. Annex: The leadership challenge
  77. 11  Looking ahead  Looking ahead
  78. References
  79. Further reading
  80. Index