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Leadership Coaching

Book Description

Leadership Coaching examines the models and techniques used to develop leadership in others through a coaching relationship. Twenty-five leading international coaches critique a range of both popular and less well-known coaching models, providing new insights and practical guidance for those whose role it is to coach for optimum performance.

The book covers a broad range of topics key to coaching for leadership including: emotional intelligence, transformational leadership, public services leadership, change, and coaching an international board. It also draws on work from both the western view of leadership as well as other traditions, such as using ancient writer like Sun Tzu and African myths.

US-based contributors include Marshall Goldsmith and Barry Oshry (Power and Systems). Other contributors include: Declan Woods (Penna Consulting, London South Bank University), Jean Hartley (Warwick Business School), Ho Law (Empsy Ltd), Stuart Duff (Pearn Kandola), Ceri Roderick (Pearn Kandola), Martin Egan (Axialent), Graham Lee (Oxford Consulting Group), Doug Strycharczyk (AQR Ltd), Jonathan Perks (Penna Consulting), Adrian Furnham (London University), Juliette Alban-Metcalfe (Real World Consulting), Katherine Tulpa (Urban Coaching).