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Knock 'em Dead Resumes, 10th Edition

Book Description

Move your resume to the top of the pile!

At a time when companies can draw on resume banks containing millions of documents, you'll need to create a concise and powerful resume if you want to stand out.

Using his twenty-five years of experience, New York Times bestselling author Martin Yate has built a set of rules for creating the most effective document to get you noticed. He'll guide you through every step of the writing process as well as provide you with all-new examples of industry-specific resumes and those that cover every stage of your career. Yate also offers valuable advice on how to submit a resume electronically, what to include on social marketing profiles, and how to make the most of keywords so that search engines find your resume quickly.

With Knock 'em Dead Resumes, 10th Edition, you'll grab employers' attention - and score the job you want!

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1: Your Resume—The Most Financially Important Document You’Ll Ever Own
    1. Self-Awareness: The Key to Professional Survival and Success
    2. Employers Just Want to Make a Buck
    3. Why No One Wants to Read Your Resume
    4. Why a Hiring Manager May Never Get the Chance to Read Your Resume
    5. Understand Your Customer
  5. Chapter 2: Your Customer Knows What He Wants—How to Get Inside His Head
    1. Settle on a Target Job Title
    2. To Really Understand Your Target Job, Deconstruct It
    3. Target Job Deconstruction: The Way Into Your Customer’s Head
    4. Now You Know Your Customers’ Needs
  6. Chapter 3: Your Resume is A Garbage In/Garbage Out Proposition
    1. The Right Way to Look Into Your Work History
    2. Fifty Percent of the Success of Any Project Is in the Preparation
    3. Resume Questionnaire
    4. Action Verbs
    5. Accomplishments/Achievements/Successes
    6. Professional Experience
    7. Take Your Time: You’re Laying the Foundation for Career Success
  7. Chapter 4: How to Define And Build A Desirable Professional Brand
    1. Components of a Desirable Professional Brand
    2. A Review of Transferable Skills and Professional Values
    3. Transferable Skills, Professional Values, and the Secret Language of Job Postings
    4. Identifying Your Competitive Difference
    5. The Competitive Difference Questionnaire
    6. A True and Truthful Brand
  8. Chapter 5: Resume Formats
    1. The Chronological Resume
    2. The Functional Resume
    3. The Combination Resume
    4. Choose a Template
  9. Chapter 6: The Simplest, Smartest, Fastest Way to Write Your Resume—Keep it Simple, STUPID
    1. Five Steps to a Great Resume
    2. Putting Together Your First Draft
    3. How to Build Your Resume with the Resume Template Components
    4. Integrating a Professional Brand Into Your Resume
    5. Use Headlines to Guide the Reader
    6. Consistent Brand Messaging
    7. Performance Profile/Performance Summary
    8. Professional Competencies
    9. Performance/Career Highlights
    10. Professional Experience
    11. Endorsements and Excerpts from Performance Evaluations
    12. Charts and Graphs
    13. Education
    14. Publications, Patents, and Speaking
    15. Languages
    16. Military
    17. Personal Flexibility, Relocation
    18. Judgment Calls
    19. What Never Goes In
  10. Chapter 7: How to Give Your Resume Punch
    1. Customize the Templates You Choose
    2. Filling In the Template
    3. Proofreading Your Final Draft
    4. Spelling and Grammar
  11. Chapter 8: Resume Customization, Alternative Resumes, and Formats Needed for an Effective Job Search
    1. Customizing Your Resume for Specific Openings
    2. Social Networking Site Resume/Profile
    3. The ASCII Resume and Where It Fits In
    4. How to Convert Your Formatted Resume to ASCII
    6. Social Networking Profile/Resume
    7. First Things First
    8. How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile
    9. HTML/Multimedia Resume Considerations
    10. The Business Card Resume
    11. Resume for Promotions
    12. Proofread and Test-E-mail All Versions of Your Resume
  12. Chapter 9: Ready to Launch
    1. The Importance of Immediate Impact
    2. Fonts and Font Sizes
    3. Proofing the Print Resume
    4. Appearance Checklist
    5. The Final Product
  13. Chapter 10: The Resumes
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. Copyright