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Killer Commodities

Book Description

With the stock market as unpredictable as the economy, many investors believe the commodities market presents a less volatile, and more predictable, investment opportunity. In clear, accessible language, commodities expert Michael C. Thomsett explains each of these investment strategies as it relates to specific commodities, such as crude oil, wheat and other grains, precious metals, basic and luxury food items, and foreign currency exchange.

Michael C. Thomsett writes on trading and investing topics, and has published over 70 books, including five additional options books. He has been writing since 1978 and fulltime since 1984. Among his books is the best-selling Getting Started in Options (Wiley, over 250,000 copies sold). He has appeared on network TV such as CNN, ABC, and Fox News. Thomsett lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit his website at

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction. Commodities: Investing and Trading Solutions for a New Century
  5. Chapter 1. The Birth of the U.S. Commodity Market
    1. How the Modern Commodity Market Started
  6. Chapter 2. Commodity Basics
    1. The Futures Contract
    2. The Different Kinds of Monetary Risk
    3. Knowledge Risk in Commodities Markets
    4. Entering the Commodities Market
  7. Chapter 3. Establishing Market Value
    1. Fundamental Analysis of Commodities
    2. Technical Analysis of Commodities
  8. Chapter 4. The Profit Potential of Options on Futures
    1. Key Concepts in Option Trading on Commodities
    2. Sellers versus Buyers
    3. Reading Option Listings
    4. Option Strategies
    5. Smart Rules for Trading Options
  9. Chapter 5. The Commodity Solution to a Falling Dollar
    1. Interest-Rate Futures
    2. Currency Futures
    3. Index Futures
    4. Currency Policies and the Futures Market
  10. Chapter 6. The Energy Plan: Hot Commodity Plays in the Energy Sector
    1. The Crude Oil Market
    2. The Oil Market Values
    3. Supply and Demand—and Control
    4. Futures Contracts on Energy
  11. Chapter 7. Precious Metals: The Amazing Ascent of Gold, Silver, and More
    1. Gold Futures
    2. Silver Futures
    3. Copper Futures
    4. Aluminum Futures
    5. The Platinum Group of Precious Metals
    6. Rare Earth Metals Futures
  12. Chapter 8. A Food Fight: Growing Demand for Food Equals Expansion of Commodity Profits
    1. Food Consumption
    2. Corn Futures
    3. Wheat Futures
    4. Rice Futures
    5. Oats and Soybean Futures
    6. Barley and Canola Futures
    7. Livestock Futures
  13. Chapter 9. Luxury Food: More Demand in the Specialized Food Products Market
    1. Coffee Futures
    2. Sugar Futures
    3. Orange Juice
    4. Cocoa Futures
    5. Buying Luxury Food Commodities through ETFs
  14. Chapter 10. Trading Strategies: The ETF and Index Solution
    1. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
    2. Exchange-Traded Commodities (ETCs) and Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)
    3. Using Leverage in the Fund Trade
    4. Commodity Index Funds
    5. Benchmarks
    6. Guidance for Individual Investing
  15. Chapter 11. The Demands of the Future on an Ever-Growing World
    1. The Big Problem: People Keep Eating
    2. The Energy Play
  16. Glossary
  17. Also Available
  18. Copyright Page