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Just the Facts: The First Step in Building a National Strategic Agenda for America

Book Description

“No Labels has the answer for how we unite this country and put it back on the path to prosperity and progress. The how is the NATIONAL STRATEGIC AGENDA. And JUST THE FACTS is essential reading for anyone who wants to help build this agenda. If you want to understand how America got itself into this mess, and how, with a little clarity and a lot of commitment, we can get ourselves out, pick up JUST THE FACTS and don’t stop until you are finished.” —Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. 

Everyone knows our government is broken. But both our government and our country can be fixed if enough people come together to demand a new politics of problem solving. That’s what No Labels has believed since we first launched in 2010. Now, we have launched our most ambitious initiative yet. We’re spending the next year organizing leaders inside and outside of Washington, as well as regular citizens, to tackle America’s toughest challenges. This new NATIONAL STRATEGIC AGENDA will be released in October 2015 and will set out a path for where America needs to go and how we get there. JUST THE FACTS will help guide the creation of the NATIONAL STRATEGIC AGENDA by clarifying the essential facts, trends and assumptions that need to serve as the foundation for discussion of critical policy issues such as jobs, the budget, Social Security and Medicare and energy. Politicians always tell us that we need to unite our nation. This book—and this new campaign for a NATIONAL STRATEGIC AGENDA—can show us how.

Table of Contents

  1. Just the Facts
  2. Copyright
  3. Contents
  4. No Labels’ National Strategic Agenda
  5. Goal #1: Create 25 Million New Jobs Over the Next 10 Years
    1. The Key to Innovation, Prosperity, and the Future
    2. Tax and Regulatory Reform To Spur Investment in Infrastructure
    3. Immigration Reform
    4. Education and Training: Preparing the Workforce For the Jobs of Today and Tomorrow
    5. Stoking America’s Entrepreneurial Fire
    6. Opportunities in Health-Care Reform
    7. Tying It All Together
  6. Goal #2: Balance the Federal Budget by 2030
    1. Balancing the Budget: Just the Facts
    2. The Problem: America Is Spending Beyond Its Means
    3. The Stakes: The Downside of a Busted Budget
    4. How We Got Here
    5. The Right Way and Wrong Way To Balance a Budget
    6. IDEAS: Getting America’s Budget in Balance
    7. It All Begins and Ends with the Budget
  7. Goal #3: Secure Social Security and Medicare for Another 75 Years
    1. Social Security: Just the Facts
    2. Medicare: Just the Facts
    3. The Problem: The Lifeline for American Seniors Is Fraying
    4. The Stakes: A Problem That Can’t Be Ignored
    5. Social Security: How We Got Here
    6. IDEAS: Options for Making Social Security Truly Secure
    7. Medicare: Where We’ve Been
    8. IDEAS: Options for Reining in Costs and Maintaining High-Quality Care
    9. Keeping Medicare and Social Security Strong and Solvent
  8. Goal #4: Make America Energy Secure by 2024
    1. American Energy Security: Just the Facts
    2. American Energy Independence: The Wrong Goal All Along?
    3. American Energy Use: Just the Facts—and a Few Reality Checks on Our Choices
    4. What Is Government’s Role in Our Energy System?
    5. IDEAS: Achieving American Energy Security by 2024
    6. More Energy Security Equals More Economic and National Security
  9. Process Reform
    1. Fixing Congress
    2. Fixing the Federal Bureaucracy
    3. A Better Congress. A Better Government. A Better Chance To Achieve the National Strategic Agenda
  10. Our Call to Action: Making the National Strategic Agenda a Reality
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. Connect with No Labels
  13. Connect with Diversion Books