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Just Design

Book Description

For many, doing good work that also does good in the world is part of the ethos of design practice. Just Design celebrates and explores this increasingly critical aspect of design by showcasing a diverse collection of inspiring projects, people and causes.
  • Look inside to explore more than 140 exceptional design solutions from many of the world’s leading designers and discover new work from emerging voices.
  • Dig deeper by reading the story behind every included project—including 10 expanded case studies.
  • Gain new perspective with thoughtful essays by Alissa Walker, Kate Andrews, Aaris Sherin, Alice Bybee, Cinthia Wen and Brian Collins.
  • Energize your creative spirit with inspirational profiles and interviews with designers such as Emily Pilloton, Michael Osborne and Randy J. Hunt, and unique perspectives from Kalle Lasn, Brian Dougherty and Ric Grefe.

    What People Are Saying About Just Design

    "Just Design is the first book to offer a thoughtful, comprehensive and inspiring look at what happens when designers use their knowledge, resources and ability to create work that is concerned with positive change over cashing a check. The sample projects, interviews and contributing stories provide a contagious energy, motivation, and optimism that is hard to find in any other design book."
    —Armin Vit
    Co-founder, UnderConsideration

    "Christopher Simmons’ brilliant new book showcases the worldwide, world-class work designers are doing to convey what is good and important for everyone, everywhere. Just Design is proof positive that design—and designers—can change the world, one design at a time."
    —Debbie Millman President, Sterling Brands Past President, AIGA

    "Through deft curation and succinct, exacting project descriptions, Christopher Simmons and his guests provide a compelling set of work that confirms the critical and unique power of social design and its practitioners."
    —Allan Chochinov
    Partner, Core77
    Chair, SVA MFA Products of Design

    "Just Design is the kind of book that makes you proud to be a designer. And inspires you to be a better one."—Valerie Casey
    Founder, Designers Accord

    "Just Design should be required reading for any designer or communications professional seeking to make a difference."—Joel Makower Chairman, GreenBiz Group,
    Author, Strategies for the Green Economy

    Adams Morioka
    Albert Einstein
    Aufuldish & Warinner
    Bob Dylan
    Charles Darwin
    Design Army
    Firebelly Design
    Frank Chimero
    James Victore
    Lance Armstrong
    Mende Design
    Modern Dog
    Vanderbyl Design
    Volume Inc.
    Winston Churchill
    And more…