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Appendix E. Installing software

This appendix covers

  • Installing HtmlUnit
  • Configuring Cactus with HtmlUnit
  • Installing Selenium
  • Installing RhinoUnit
  • Installing JsUnit

E.1. Installing HtmlUnit

Download HtmlUnit from and unzip it to your local drive. In our examples, we have unzipped it to C:\Java\htmlunit-2.7.

E.1.1. Standard configuration

Add all JAR files to the classpath except for the three XML libraries: XML-APIs, Xalan, and Xerces. Starting with version 1.4.2, Java ships with an XML parser and transformer (Apache Xalan). Because HtmlUnit ships with XML-APIs, Xalan, and Xerces, the version of these libraries must override the default Java versions through the Java-endorsed mechanism.[1], [2]

1 For ...

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