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jQuery Pocket Reference

Book Description

If you've turned to the jQuery library to simplify common client-side JavaScript tasks, this pocket reference will help you quickly locate what you need from jQuery's vast array of functions and properties to complete your web project. jQuery Pocket Reference provides a series of tutorials on various jQuery features, along with a quick reference to the entire library. It's an ideal book for beginners and experienced JavaScript developers alike.

Table of Contents

  1. jQuery Pocket Reference
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    2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
    3. Preface
    4. 1. Introduction to jQuery
      1. jQuery Basics
      2. The jQuery() Function
      3. Queries and Query Results
    5. 2. Element Getters and Setters
      1. Getting and Setting HTML Attributes
      2. Getting and Setting CSS Attributes
      3. Getting and Setting CSS Classes
      4. Getting and Setting HTML Form Values
      5. Getting and Setting Element Content
      6. Getting and Setting Element Geometry
      7. Getting and Setting Element Data
    6. 3. Altering Document Structure
      1. Inserting and Replacing Elements
      2. Copying Elements
      3. Wrapping Elements
      4. Deleting Elements
    7. 4. Events
      1. Simple Event Handler Registration
      2. jQuery Event Handlers
      3. The jQuery Event Object
      4. Advanced Event Handler Registration
      5. Deregistering Event Handlers
      6. Triggering Events
      7. Custom Events
      8. Live Events
    8. 5. Animated Effects
      1. Simple Effects
      2. Custom Animations
        1. The Animation Properties Object
        2. The Animation Options Object
      3. Canceling, Delaying, and Queuing Effects
    9. 6. Ajax
      1. The load() Method
      2. Ajax Utility Functions
        1. jQuery.getScript()
        2. jQuery.getJSON()
        3. jQuery.get() and jQuery.post()
      3. The jQuery.ajax() Function
        1. Common Options
        2. Callbacks
        3. Uncommon Options and Hooks
      4. Ajax Events
    10. 7. Utility Functions
    11. 8. Selectors and Selection Methods
      1. jQuery Selectors
        1. Simple Selectors
        2. Selector Combinations
        3. Selector Groups
      2. Selection Methods
        1. Using a Selection As Context
        2. Reverting to a Previous Selection
    12. 9. Extending jQuery with Plugins
    13. 10. The jQuery UI Library
    14. 11. jQuery Quick Reference
      1. Factory Function
      2. Selector Grammar
      3. Basic Methods and Properties
      4. Selection Methods
      5. Element Methods
      6. Insertion and Deletion Methods
      7. Event Methods
      8. Effects and Animation Methods
      9. Ajax Functions
      10. Utility Functions
    15. Index
    16. About the Author
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