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Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR) Volume 7, Issue 2

Book Description

The Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR) presents comprehensive interdisciplinary and refereed research on the most emerging and breakthrough areas of information science and technology. The journal seeks to improve and expand existing research in underrepresented areas of information science and technology in all areas of global implication. Through the current trends in the globalization of technology in the knowledge society, JITR will serve to provide the highest in quality concepts, methodologies, trends and case studies for all audiences. The journal focuses on major breakthroughs within the technological arena, with particular concentration on the accelerating principles, concepts and applications of biocomputing, medical informatics, anthropocentric computing, high-performance computing, technological diffusion, predictive analysis tools, genetic algorithms, and cultural informatics. This scholarly resource endeavors to provide international audiences with the highest quality research manuscripts and accounts of the constant evolution of information science and technology in whole. Researchers, academicians, practitioners and students will find this journal as a critical source of reference for all advanced technological applications and developments.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Technological Advances and Teaching Innovation Applied to Health Science Education
  • E-Learning Experiences in La Ribera Health Department
  • Scientific Knowledge Transfer Training Through a Virtual World
  • Computerized-Aid Medical Training: Ecographic Simulator For Echo-Guided Infiltration Of Botulinic Toxin
  • Impact of the Objective Evaluation of Clinical and Surgical Basic Skills (CSBS) On Medicine Students (Spain): An Experimental Design
  • An Update on Health Information Technology
  • Open Source Applications for Image Visualization and Processing in Neuroimaging Training