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Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO) Volume 14, Issue 4

Book Description

The Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO) is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of the social, cultural, organizational, and cognitive impacts of e-commerce technologies and advances on organizations around the world. JECO discusses the influence of electronic commerce on organizational behavior, development, and management in organizations. The secondary objective of this publication is to expand the overall body of knowledge regarding the human aspects of electronic commerce technologies and utilization in modern organizations, assisting researchers and practitioners to devise more effective systems for managing the human side of e-commerce.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Exploring the Relationship between Sport Fan Identification and Addiction to Digital Sports Media
  • Nature and Characteristics of the Sport Industry and its Current Trends Impacting the Industry
  • Ethical and Managerial Aspects of Social Network Advertisement
  • Fantasy Sports and Gambling in Sport: Marketing Implications for Branding and Fan Engagement
  • Exploring Factors that Lead to People Watching Professional Soccer on Television