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iPhone 6s Portable Genius

Book Description

Take a bite out of all your iPhone has to offer

As easy and intuitive as the iPhone is, it's more complex than most of us realize—and what's better than learning all the insider tips and tricks with the iPhone Portable Genius, 3rd Edition? Whether you're just starting out with your first iPhone or upgrading to a newer model, this full-color guide will have you tapping, swiping, and typing like an Apple genius in no time. You'll find essential information about iOS, Siri, iCloud, and how to use your phone to manage, organize, and navigate your life.

Written in clear, no-nonsense language, iPhone Portable Genius, 3rd Edition offers expert tips and tricks that will save you time and hassles—and help you unlock all your device has to offer. Designed for the visual learner, it provides plenty of full-color screenshots that illustrate exactly what you'll see and do on your iPhone. Plus, 'Genius Icons' throughout the text highlight smarter, more innovative ways to do what you need to do. So what are you waiting for? Everything you need to truly make the most of your iPhone is here.

  • Connect to a network, configure your settings, and work with iCloud
  • Max out the media features, surf the Web, and check your e-mail
  • Manage your contacts, appointments, e-books, and libraries
  • Sync your apps, photos, music, and more

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction
      1. What’s New in This Edition
    4. Chapter 1: How Do I Start Using My iPhone?
      1. Using the Home Button
      2. Working with the Sleep/Wake Button
      3. Working with the Ring/Silent Switch
      4. Operating the Volume Controls
      5. Getting to Know the Rest of the iPhone
      6. Operating the Touchscreen
      7. Running Your iPhone from the Control Center
    5. Chapter 2: How Do I Configure My iPhone?
      1. Customizing the Home Screen
      2. Working with App Notifications
      3. More Useful iPhone Configuration Techniques
      4. Protecting Your iPhone
      5. Enhancing Your iPhone with Apps
    6. Chapter 3: How Do I Connect My iPhone to a Network?
      1. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
      2. Setting Up Your iPhone as an Internet Hub
      3. Keeping an Eye on Your Data Usage
      4. Controlling Network Data
      5. Pairing Your iPhone to Bluetooth Devices
    7. Chapter 4: How Can I Get More Out of the Phone App?
      1. Understanding Cellular Speeds
      2. Working with Outgoing Calls
      3. Handling Incoming Calls
      4. Juggling Multiple Calls and Conference Calls
      5. Managing Your Favorites List
      6. Converting a Phone Number into a Contact
      7. Video Calling with FaceTime
    8. Chapter 5: How Can I Make the Most of iPhone Web Surfing?
      1. Touchscreen Tips for Websites
      2. Browsing Tips for Faster Surfing
      3. Filling in Online Forms
      4. Getting More Out of Safari on Your iPhone
    9. Chapter 6: How Do I Maximize iPhone Email?
      1. Managing Your iPhone Email Accounts
      2. Configuring Email Accounts
      3. Configuring Email Messages
    10. Chapter 7: How Do I Synchronize My iPhone?
      1. Connecting Your iPhone to Your Computer
      2. Synchronizing Your iPhone Automatically
      3. Synchronizing Your iPhone via Wi-Fi
      4. Synchronizing Your iPhone Manually
    11. Chapter 8: How Can I Get More Out of Audio Features on My iPhone?
      1. Getting More Out of the Music App
      2. Getting More Out of the iTunes Store App
      3. Creating a Custom Ringtone
      4. Working with Playlists
      5. Customizing Your Audio Settings
    12. Chapter 9: How Do I Max Out My iPhone’s Photo and Video Features?
      1. Getting More Out of iPhone Photos
      2. Getting More Out of iPhone Videos
      3. Editing Video with iMovie for iPhone
    13. Chapter 10: Can I Use My iPhone to Manage Contacts and Appointments?
      1. Managing Your Contacts
      2. Tracking Your Events
      3. Creating Reminders
      4. Working with Passes
    14. Chapter 11: How Do I Use My iPhone to Navigate My World?
      1. Finding Your Way with Maps and GPS
      2. Configuring Location Services
      3. Sharing Map Data
    15. Chapter 12: How Do I Manage My Ebook Library?
      1. Getting Your Head around Ebook Formats
      2. Syncing Ebooks via iCloud
      3. Managing Your iBooks Library
      4. Reading Ebooks with the iBooks App
      5. Reading Other Ebooks
    16. Chapter 13: How Do I Keep My Life in Sync with iCloud?
      1. Understanding iCloud
      2. Understanding iCloud Device Support
      3. Configuring iCloud on Your iPhone
      4. Configuring iCloud on Your Mac
      5. Configuring iCloud on Your Windows PC
    17. Chapter 14: How Do I Fix My iPhone?
      1. General Techniques for Troubleshooting Your iPhone
      2. Taking Care of the iPhone Battery
      3. Solving Specific Problems
    18. Glossary
    19. End User License Agreement