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iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino

Book Description

This book looks at how to integrate iOS devices into distributed sensors network, both to make use of its own on-board sensors in such networks, but also as a hub. Beyond the discussion of basic client-server architectures, and making use of the existing wireless capabilities, this book examines how to connect iOS devices to microcontroller platforms via serial connections.

Table of Contents

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  2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  3. Preface
    1. Who Should Read This Book?
    2. What Should You Already Know?
    3. What Will You Learn?
    4. What’s in This Book?
    5. Conventions Used in This Book
    6. Using Code Examples
    7. Safari® Books Online
    8. How to Contact Us
    9. Acknowledgments
  4. 1. Introduction to the Arduino
    1. The Arduino
      1. Powering the Board
      2. Input and Output
      3. Communicating with the Board
      4. Installing the Software
      5. Connecting to the Board
    2. Blinking an LED
      1. Uploading the Sketch
    3. Making a Serial Connection
    4. Summary
  5. 2. Connecting the iPhone to the Arduino
    1. The Apple MFi Program
    2. The Redpark Serial Cable
      1. Testing the Cable
    3. Connecting to the Arduino
    4. Connecting to an iOS Device
    5. A Simple Serial Application
      1. Adding the Redpark Serial Library
      2. Connecting the Arduino
      3. Sending Data Back to the Arduino
    6. Log Messages
    7. Summary
  6. 3. Controlling the Arduino from the iPad
    1. An Arduino on Your iPad
      1. Adding the Serial Library
      2. Building the User Interface
      3. Integrating the Serial Library
    2. Listening for Messages on the Arduino
    3. Putting It All Together
    4. Going Further
      1. Adding a Log Window
    5. Summary
  7. 4. Using External Sensors from the iPhone
    1. The LV-MaxSonar-EZ1
      1. Analog Output
      2. Pulse Width Output
      3. RS-232 Serial Output
    2. MaxSonar Range Finder for iPhone
      1. Adding the Serial Library
      2. The CorePlot Library
        1. Compiling the Core Plot library from source code
        2. Adding the Core Plot library to the project
      3. Building the User Interface
      4. Building the Backend
      5. Writing the Arduino Sketch
      6. Putting It All Together
      7. Turning Things On and Off
    3. Connecting Directly to the Cable
  8. 5. Connecting to an XBee Network
    1. XBee Modules
      1. Series 1 or Series 2?
      2. Regular Versus Pro?
      3. 802.15.4 or ZigBee?
      4. Which Aerial?
    2. How to Configure an XBee Series 1 Radio
      1. Connecting the XBee to Your Mac
      2. XBee Addressing
    3. Configuring Two XBee Radios
    4. Connecting an XBee to an Arduino
    5. Connecting an XBee to an iOS Device
      1. XBee to RS-232 Serial
    6. Going Further
  9. 6. Other Ways to Connect
    1. Using the Network
      1. Using Ethernet
      2. Using WiFi
    2. Using a Soft Modem
      1. Switch Science Board
      2. HiJack Board
    3. Using the MIDI Protocol
      1. The HIDDUINO
    4. Summary
  10. About the Author
  11. Special Upgrade Offer
  12. Copyright