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Introducing Microsoft® WebMatrix™

Book Description

WebMatrix gives developers a "one-stop-shop" for obtaining and installing a complete Microsoft Web stack, including a full-featured development Web server, SQL Server, and a new easy-to-learn, in-line development language called Razor that's tailor-made to simplify building Web content, and an IDE to pull all your development into one easy tool. WebMatrix even supports non-Microsoft technologies and languages such as PHP and MySQL. And it's all free!

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Microsoft® WebMatrix™
  2. Dedication
  3. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
    1. Who Should Read This Book
    2. Who Should Not Read This Book
    3. Organization of This Book
    4. System Requirements
    5. Code Samples
      1. Installing the Code Samples
      2. Using the Code Samples
    6. Errata and Book Support
    7. We Want to Hear from You
    8. Stay in Touch
    9. Acknowledgments
  6. 1. Introducing WebMatrix
    1. An Introduction to Web Stacks
      1. The ASP.NET Web Pages Stack
      2. The ASP.NET Stack
      3. The PHP on Windows Stack
    2. Installing WebMatrix
    3. Building Your First WebMatrix Application
    4. The WebMatrix Stack
      1. The IIS Express Server
      2. The SQL Server Compact Database
      3. The ASP.NET Web Pages Framework
    5. Summary
  7. 2. A Tour of WebMatrix
    1. Launching WebMatrix
    2. The Web Application Gallery
    3. Creating a Site by Using the Web Application Gallery
    4. Creating a Site by Using a Template
    5. Understanding the WebMatrix Workbench
      1. The Site Workspace
        1. Exploring the Ribbon
        2. Managing Site Requests
        3. Managing Site Settings
      2. The Files Workspace
        1. Creating New Files
      3. The Databases Workspace
        1. Creating a Database
        2. Using Tables
        3. Editing Data in a Table
        4. Querying Data
      4. The Reports Workspace
    6. Summary
  8. 3. Programming with WebMatrix
    1. Server Programming
    2. Your First Programmed Page
      1. Making Your Page Dynamic
    3. Sending Data to the Server
    4. Summary
  9. 4. Using Images in WebMatrix
    1. Creating a Page That Uses an Image
    2. Creating Thumbnails and Links
    3. Programming the Image Tag
    4. Using the WebImage Helper
      1. Using Web.config to Change the Allowed Image Size
      2. Resizing an Image with WebImage
      3. Further Exercises
    5. Summary
  10. 5. Using Video in WebMatrix
    1. Using Video in Your Site
      1. Creating a Simple Video Site in WebMatrix
      2. Embedding a Media Player by Using the <object> Tag
    2. Using the Video Helper
      1. Using Flash Video
      2. Using Silverlight Video
    3. Using the HTML5 <video> Tag
    4. Summary
  11. 6. Forms and Controls
    1. How Forms Work
      1. A Simple Example
      2. Exploring HTTP Headers with Fiddler
    2. Exploring the Form Controls
      1. Text Boxes
      2. Password Boxes
      3. Option Buttons
      4. The checkbox Control
      5. The TextArea Control
      6. The select Control for Lists
    3. Capturing Form Input
    4. Summary
  12. 7. Databases in WebMatrix
    1. Creating a Database with WebMatrix
    2. Using a Database in Code
    3. Adding Data to the Database
    4. Editing Your Database
    5. Deleting Records from the Database
    6. Summary
  13. 8. Exposing Your Site Through Social Networking
    1. Sharing Your Site with Others
      1. Using Delicious
      2. Using Digg
      3. Using Google Reader
      4. Using Facebook
      5. Using Reddit
      6. Using StumbleUpon
      7. Using Twitter
    2. Adding Twitter to Your Site
      1. Displaying a Twitter Profile
      2. Displaying Twitter Search Results
    3. Rendering Xbox Gamercards
    4. Summary
  14. 9. Adding Email to Your Site
    1. Using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    2. Using the WebMail Helper
    3. Building a Simple Email Application
    4. Summary
  15. 10. Building a Simple Web Application: Styles, Layout, and Templates
    1. Creating and Styling Your Site
      1. Getting Your Page Ready for CSS
      2. Adding Some Style with CSS
      3. Using CSS Files
    2. Using Layout Pages and Templates
      1. Using RenderBody()
    3. Summary
  16. 11. Building a Simple Web Application: Using Data
    1. Creating the Database
    2. Creating a Data Retrieval Page
    3. Creating an Add Data Page
      1. Handling Submitted Data from an Add Form
      2. Adding Data to the Database
    4. Creating an Edit Page
      1. Handling Submitted Data from an Edit Form
      2. Updating the Database
    5. Creating a Delete Data Page
    6. Summary
  17. 12. WebMatrix and Facebook
    1. Accessing ASP.NET Web Pages Administration
    2. Installing the Facebook Helpers from NuGet
    3. Getting Started with the Facebook Helpers
    4. Configuring and Initializing Facebook
    5. Using a Facebook Comments Box
    6. Using the Facebook Activity Feed
    7. Using Facebook Recommendations
    8. Using the Facepile Feed
    9. Using the Live Stream Feed
    10. Summary
  18. 13. WebMatrix and PayPal
    1. Signing Up for PayPal
    2. Creating a PayPal Sandbox
    3. Using PayPal with WebMatrix
      1. Initializing the PayPal Helper
      2. Creating a Shopping Cart
      3. Running the PayPal-Enabled Bakery
      4. Exploring the PayPalOrder.cshtml Page
      5. Setting Up Other Types of Payment
        1. The Buy Now Button
        2. The Donate Button
        3. The Subscribe Button
      6. Going Further
    4. Going Live
    5. Summary
  19. 14. Building Your Own Web Helpers
    1. Using the Microsoft Translator Widget
    2. Creating a Helper for the Widget
    3. Creating a Helper by Using the Translator API
      1. Getting an API Key
      2. Using the Translator API
      3. Creating the Helper
      4. Using the Helper
    4. Summary
  20. 15. Deploying Your Site
    1. Finding Web Hosting
    2. Using the Publish Settings Dialog Box
    3. Creating a WordPress-Based Site
    4. Summary
  21. 16. WordPress, WebMatrix, and PHP
    1. Creating a WordPress Site
    2. Configuring Your WordPress Site
      1. Posts and Pages
      2. Configuring the Site Theme
      3. Using the Code Editor
    3. Using WebMatrix to Edit WordPress
      1. Creating a Facebook Application
      2. Editing Your Code with WebMatrix
    4. Summary
  22. A. WebMatrix Programming Basics
    1. Getting Started with WebMatrix Programming
      1. Variables and Data Types
        1. Specifying Variables
        2. Converting Variable Types
      2. Common Programming Concepts
        1. Testing Conditions with if and switch
        2. Repeating Code with Loops
    2. Summary
  23. Index
  24. About the Author
  25. Copyright