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International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS) Volume 12, Issue 2

Book Description

The International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS) promotes a knowledge transfer channel where academics, practitioners, and researchers can discuss, analyze, criticize, synthesize, communicate, elaborate, and simplify the more-than-promising technology of the semantic Web in the context of information systems. The journal aims to establish value-adding knowledge transfer and personal development channels in three distinctive areas: academia, industry, and government.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • SEMCON: A Semantic and Contextual Objective Metric for Enriching Domain Ontology Concepts
  • Bayes-ReCCE: A Bayesian Model for Detecting Restriction Class Correspondences in Linked Open Data Knowledge Bases
  • Satellite Parametric Description to Ontology Concepts and Semantic Classification of Satellite Data
  • Abstractive Summarization: A Hybrid Approach for the Compression of Semantic Graphs
  • Ontology-Driven Interactive Visualization of Film Production Complexity Using a Visual Language