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International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE) Volume 1, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE) investigates critically the positioning of diverse individuals in formal and informal contexts of education – from kindergarten to adult education, but also lifelong learning. Diversities here refer to different identity markers such as ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, disabilities and language. IJBIDE is clearly positioned within a non-essentialist, non-culturalist perspective. IJBIDE also aims to promote original research methods by linking up macro- and micro-approaches. The journal is fully blind peer reviewed by the best experts in the field and publishes empirical and conceptual research and case studies from around the world.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Heritage, Identity, and Learning at Stake: Marginalization in a Diverse Spanish Class
  • Analytical and Methodological Considerations for the Use of Social Categories in Identity Research
  • The Subjective Side of Success: Children's Stories of a Good Life
  • French Immersion “So Why Would You do Something Like That to a Child?”: Issues of Advocacy, Accessibility, and Inclusion