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International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (IJSSMET) Volume 7, Issue 4

Book Description

The International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (IJSSMET) is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes high-quality and significant research in all fields of computer science, information technology, software engineering, soft computing, computational intelligence, operations research, management science, marketing, applied mathematics, statistics, policy analysis, economics, natural sciences, medicine, and psychology, among others. This journal publishes original articles, reviews, technical reports, patent alerts, and case studies on the latest innovative findings of new methodologies and techniques.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • An Empirical Study to Evaluation of Customer Acquisition Processes on Customer Satisfaction
  • Analysis of Grievances in the Banking Sector through Big Data
  • Post PhD Adjustments and Internationalization of Higher Education in China - A Study based on International PhD Students in China: PhDs Enrollment and Its Aftermath
  • Benefits from Using Bitcoin: Empirical Evidence from a European Country
  • Value Facilitation as Antecedent of Service Provider Profitability