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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking (IJITN) Volume 8, Issue 3

Book Description

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking (IJITN) examines timely and important telecommunications and networking issues, problems, and solutions from a multidimensional, interdisciplinary perspective for researchers and practitioners. IJITN emphasizes the cross-disciplinary viewpoints of electrical engineering, computer science, information technology, operations research, business administration, economics, sociology, and law. The journal publishes theoretical and empirical research findings, case studies, and surveys, as well as the opinions of leaders and experts in the field. The journal's coverage of telecommunications and networking is broad, ranging from cutting edge research to practical implementations. Published articles must be from an interdisciplinary, rather than a narrow, discipline-specific viewpoint. The context may be industry-wide, organizational, individual user, or societal.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Energy Efficient Cognitive M2M Communications
  • Repetition Coding and Equal Power Allocation Scheme for JPEG Image Transmission over MIMO Systems
  • Efficient Mechanisms and Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in VANETs for Realistic Scenarios
  • Cellular IoT for Mobile Autonomous Reporting in the Smart Grid
  • Dynamic Resource Management in High Throughput Satellite with Multi Port Amplifier (MPA)