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International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking (IJVCSN) Volume 8, Issue 3

Book Description

Virtual communities and social networking are changing our social and work environments. The International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking (IJVCSN) provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, and users to study and discuss technical, social and legal issues in this fast changing environment. IJVCSN strives to be an inter-disciplinary journal that draws upon research from different fields such as information systems, computer science, sociology, and psychology.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Social Networking Sites (SNSs): Smart Platforms for Public Service Innovation?
  • The Hierarchy of an Online Gaming Community: A Study of the Managerial Structure of Syndicate Gamers
  • Using Mixed Methods to Understand the Positive Correlation between Fear of Cyberbullying and Online Interaction
  • Towards Data Portability between Online Social Networks, a Conceptual Model of the Portable User Profile