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International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (IJITPM) Volume 7, Issue 1

Book Description

This fully refereed journal examines current, state-of-the art research in the areas of information technology project management, and the interactions, linkages, applications, and support of project management using information systems. The journal encompasses theoretical, analytical, or empirical research, comprehensive reviews of relevant research, technical reports, book reviews, and also case studies of effective applications in this area. The use of new frameworks, principles, technologies, methods, and techniques are emphasized.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Managing an Engineering Project
  • Analysis of the Success Factors and Failure Causes in Projects: Comparison of the Spanish Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector
  • Key Success Factors of E-Government Projects: Jordanians' Perceptions
  • Job Shadowing in Information Technology Projects: A Source of Competitive Advantage
  • Differentiating between Leadership Competencies and Styles: A Critical Review in Project Management Perspective