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International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence (IJCINI) Volume 10, Issue 2

Book Description

The development and the cross fertilization between the aforementioned science and engineering disciplines have led to a whole range of extremely interesting new research areas known as cognitive informatics and natural intelligence. The International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence (IJCINI) encourages submissions that transcend disciplinary boundaries, and is devoted to rapid publication of high quality papers. The themes of IJCINI are natural intelligence, autonomic computing, and neuroinformatics. IJCINI is expected to provide the first forum and platform in the world for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students to investigate cognitive mechanisms and processes of human information processing, and to stimulate the transdisciplinary effort on cognitive informatics and natural intelligent research and engineering applications. IJCINI publishes regular papers, technical correspondences, case studies, letters to the editor, book reviews, conference reports, and special issues.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • On Cognitive Foundations and Mathematical Theories of Knowledge Science
  • Multiobjective Multivariate Optimization of Joint Spectrum Sensing and Power Control in Cognitive Wireless Networks
  • Towards Psychologically based Personalised Modelling of Emotions Using Associative Classifiers
  • Enhanced Artificial Social Cockroaches (EASC) for Modern Information Retrieval
  • Inter-hemispherical Investigations on the Functional Connectivity of Autistic Resting State fMRI