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International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT) Volume 11, Issue 2

Book Description

The proliferation of Web-based technologies during the last decade may have given the impression of wide-spread changes in educational practices. In fact, we have only begun to scratch the surface of experiencing the vast impact these technologies could have on education. Viewed separately, Web-based technologies offer exciting possibilities for expanding the capacity to provide access to instruction and knowledge world-wide. However, and perhaps more importantly, viewing these technological advancements in a more dynamic context, forces educators and researchers to rethink the fundamental processes of teaching and learning . It's not just a simple matter of using a technical tool to supply time and place ubiquity but to accept the challenge of understanding the implications for the entire educational spectrum. Web-based teaching and learning begs the question of what exactly these technologies means for learners, teachers, program designers, academic experts, technical and administrative staff, institutional decision makers, training managers, publishers, and others. Although a considerable amount of exploration has been conducted regarding web-based learning technologies, the breadth and scope for dialogue and experimentation needs to be broadened. International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT) provides a place for the dialogue and support of a diverse community interested in taking the challenge further.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Challenges Faced by Key Stakeholders Using Educational Online Technologies in Blended Tertiary Environments
  • Culturally Afforded Tensions in the Second Life Metaverse: From Sustainability Initiatives in Europe to Sustainability Practices in the United States
  • Modeling and Evaluating Tutors' Function using Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic Techniques
  • Agile Development of Various Computational Power Adaptive Web-Based Mobile-Learning Software Using Mobile Cloud Computing