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International Journal of Aviation Systems, Operations and Training (IJASOT) Volume 2, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Aviation Systems, Operations and Training (IJASOT) consists of peer-reviewed technical and research papers, providing coverage of important insights, challenges, opportunities, trends, and innovative solutions to some of the most pressing concerns facing the industry. Another important area to be addressed involves Pilot or Operational reports on new, emerging aviation systems and aircraft that would appeal to many in the operational communities. These reports address some of the key operational concerns facing the community, particularly in the area of man-machine interface, expanded mission performance, human factors, and safety and efficiency. Additional material that will be offered includes interviews, book reviews, and reports on seminars, symposiums, and air shows.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Aerodynamic Essentials for Crew Station Design Teams
  • Review and Implementation Analysis of Safety Management Systems in Aviation Design: Supplemental Type Certificate Applicants and Holders
  • Advanced Technologies for Bombproof Cargo Containers and Blast Containment Units for the Retrofitting of Passenger Airplanes