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International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change (IJCESC) Volume 2, Issue 4

Book Description

Governments, corporations, individuals, and civic society play essential roles in worldwide growth and development. Management of resources for socioeconomic development of society requires design, development, and implementation of value driven civic engagement processes, practices, and frameworks. These initiatives create an environment of public accountability to distribute benefits of development for the overall benefit of society. The International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change (IJCESC) compiles theoretical and empirical works that significantly contribute to the unexplored field of how bringing social change through civic engagement can enlarge public welfare activities.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Societal Influence on the Cognitive Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • Jordanians Perceptions Regarding E-Government Ethical Issues
  • The Future of Healthcare: Political Participation of Nursing and Public Health Students
  • Organizational Performance Framework: e-Government Services