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International Journal of Conceptual Structures and Smart Applications (IJCSSA) Volume 3, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Conceptual Structures and Smart Applications (IJCSSA) provides a forum for the role of Conceptual Structures (CS) and Smart Applications (SA) in arts, business, science and social applications. The journal brings together research that spans these domains to explore ways that CS and SA can enrich these human endeavors. Arising originally out of the research of IBM in conceptual graphs, the scope includes a wider range of theories and practices, including formal concept analysis, description logics, the semantic Web, the pragmatic Web, ontologies, multi-agent systems, concept mapping, and more. Accordingly, CS represents a family of approaches that builds on the successes of artificial intelligence, business intelligence, computational linguistics, conceptual modeling, enterprise architecture and modelling, information and Web technologies, knowledge discovery, knowledge management, and user modeling.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • A Framework of Cognition and Conceptual Structures Based on Deep Semantics
  • An Introduction to the Business Ontology
  • Using a Business Ontology for Structuring Artefacts: Example - Northern Health