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International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications (IJFSA) Volume 4, Issue 3

Book Description

The International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications (IJFSA) is a comprehensive reference journal, dedicated to presenting the most innovative systematic and practical facets of fuzzy technologies to students, scholars, and academicians, as well as practitioners, engineers and professionals. Focusing on fuzzy decision support, expert, reasoning and rule-based systems, IJFSA presents up-to-date theoretical views on fuzzy computing, while highlighting empirical approaches useful to real-world utilization. Successes, challenges, and assorted strategies for best usage of fuzzy system applications are explained and discussed.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Interval-Valued Bimatrix Game Method for Engineering Project Management
  • Implementing a Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm to Predict Solar and Wind Energies in a Hybrid Renewable Energy System
  • Designing of Vague Logic Based Fair-Share CPU Scheduler: VFS CPU Scheduler
  • Fuzzy Dynamic Load Balancing in Virtualized Data Centers of SaaS Cloud Provider