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International Journal of Knowledge Society Research (IJKSR) Volume 6, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Knowledge Society Research (IJKSR) establishes an effective channel of communication between academic and research institutions, policy makers, government agencies, and persons concerned with the analysis of various aspects of the knowledge society. This journal anchors government policies and examines the characteristics of the emerging knowledge intensive economy and social environment. IJKSR investigates key priorities of the knowledge society in terms of critical aspects of human life (e.g. health, education, culture, science, business, etc.).

This issue contains the following articles:

  • A Study on the Impact of Faculty QWL on Quality of Education in Academic Institutions
  • State of the Art on Ontology Alignment
  • An Applied Legal Ontology in Arabic for the Jurisprudence Decision-Structuring
  • Quantifying Education Quality in Secondary Schools