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International Journal of Handheld Computing Research (IJHCR) Volume 6, Issue 4

Book Description

The International Journal of Handheld Computing Research (IJHCR) combines research from academicians and industrialists across the globe on advanced tools and technologies that perform wireless or mobile operations. Useful to scholars, researchers, and practitioners involved in related fields, this journal provides the latest developments in the theory, design, implementation, analysis, application, and standards of handheld computing. A comprehensive study of the handheld computing is given in this journal, which includes three themes: (i) mobile handheld devices, (ii) handheld computing and programming, and (iii) mobile applications using handheld devices.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Energy-Accuracy Trade-off in Wireless Sensor Network Localization
  • A Novel Application Offloading Algorithm and an Optimized Application Servers Placement for Mobile Cloud Computing
  • A Research Approach to Detect Unreliable Information in Online Professional Social Networks: Using LinkedIn Mobile as an Example
  • Cloud-based Driver Monitoring and Vehicle Diagnostic with OBD2 Telematics