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International Journal of Technology Diffusion (IJTD) Volume 6, Issue 4

Book Description

The International Journal of Technology Diffusion (IJTD) is an international journal publishing original scientific and quality research articles on management information systems, technology diffusion, and business systems application aspects of e-commerce, e-government, and mobile applications. As a forum of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue, it addresses research on all aspects of innovation diffusion in the field of business computing technologies and their past, present, and future use.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Towards the Maturity of Object-Relational Database Technology: Promises and Reality
  • Linked Data, Towards Realizing the Web of Data: An Overview
  • Examining the Factors that Influence ICT Adoption in SMEs: A Research Preliminary Findings
  • A Critical Review of Theories and Models of Technology Adoption and Acceptance in Information System Research
  • All Is Right with the World: Schema Congruity and Trust Beliefs in B2C Electronic Commerce